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How to Install Flash on the Nexus 7 and Other Jelly Bean Devices


Flash may not be important in the future – but a lot of websites want it today. If you’re not ready to give up Flash just yet, you can install Flash on your Nexus 7, even if Adobe doesn’t approve.

Bear in mind that Adobe hasn’t “certified” the Flash Player for Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) – it’s not guaranteed to work properly and you may see some bugs. Adobe is discontinuing development of Flash for Android.

Acquire the Flash APK

You can’t install Flash from Google Play, so you’ll need to acquire the Flash Player’s APK file yourself.  While many websites, including the XDA Developers forum, offer this APK for download, it’s generally a bad idea to install random Android package files from the web if you can help it.

If you have an Android phone or tablet with Flash on it, you can extract the Flash APK yourself. There are a number of ways to do this, including with AirDroid, which we’ve written about in the past. After installing AirDroid on your smartphone, launch it and log in via a browser on your computer. Click the Apps icon on the AirDroid page, search for Flash (it may be in the System section), and click the download link to extract and download the Flash APK file to your computer.


Install the Flash APK

Now you’ll need to copy the APK file to your Nexus 7 (or other Jelly Bean device). You can do this in a number of ways – by connecting your Nexus 7 via USB, by copying the APK to Google Drive or another cloud storage service, or by installing AirDroid on your Nexus 7 and copying it over Wi-Fi.

After you’ve put the APK file on your Nexus 7, you’ll need to enable the “Unknown sources” check box, which allows you to install apps from outside Google Play. To do so, go into the Settings screen. (Pull down the notification drawer and tap the Settings icon or tap the Settings icon in the app drawer.)


Tap the Security category on the Settings screen and enable the Unknown sources check box.


Now you’ll just have to locate the APK file, tap it, and install it. If you copied the APK file to your Nexus 7’s file system, you’ll need a file manager like ES File Explorer to locate and install it. If you used Google Drive, you can open up the Google Drive app and tap the APK file. (The same goes for other cloud storage services.)


Agree to the installation when prompted.


After installing Flash, you should probably go back into the Settings screen and uncheck the Unknown Sources option to disable installation of other apps from outside Google Play. This can help protect you from malware — you can re-enable this option if you want to install an app from outside Google Play.

Install a Browser that Supports Flash

Google Chrome for Android doesn’t support Flash, so you’ll have to use a different browser to view Flash content. Firefox Beta supports Flash on the Nexus 7, and you can easily install it from Google Play. Once it’s installed, you can launch Firefox to view Flash content on web pages. If you already have Firefox installed, you may need to quit and restart it after installing Flash.


Some people have also reported success locating an APK file of the old Android default browser – named “Browser” – and installing it for Flash support. However, this will require root access and is more work.

Tips for Using Flash

If you’re only using Firefox for Flash, you may want to open Firefox’s settings screen and set Plugins to Enabled – by default, Firefox uses Tap to play for plugins.


If you still want to use Chrome most of the time, you can install Flashify to easily open pages with Flash in Firefox. When you visit a web page that needs Flash, open Chrome’s menu, tap Share, tap Flashify, and send the page to Firefox. Firefox will open and display the Flash on the page – no copying and pasting URLs required.


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  • Published 07/29/12

Comments (45)

  1. James

    Nice! Hulu still won’t play, even though it should be perfectly capable of doing so… they detect that you are using an android device and refuse to let you watch.

  2. awoosterb

    Hi’ cheers for that Firefox and a flash from my Google nexus works a treat to get BBC iPlayer going’ cheers

  3. Roy

    When I search for flash from my computer, it does not show. How come?!?

  4. JR

    Works well, except that Flash (or something) won’t allow screen to go to landscape. Stays in portrait mode. Thanks so much for this. Saved me a return trip to the store!

  5. SS

    That was the most helpful piece of ‘how to’ ever!

  6. bruce5876

    i installed the flash ran firefox beta.installed my vpn. went to the iplayer on the bbc.and wala it really works.i can’t thank you enough.i can now watch the bbc on my nexus 7.

  7. Kimberley

    have installed as suggested, using Firefox and it seems ok except can’t watch bbc iplayer as others can – it says my device isn’t supported. What can I do to fix this?

  8. Tom

    Kimberley, go to the options button in the top right of Firefox (3 little dots) and click ‘Request Desktop Site’ to go to the full version of iPlayer, which works with Nexus 7 :)

  9. vaughn

    I got it all working and installed, however not a single video is playing audio with any site I view video on.

  10. ayush

    You don’t need a computer for this. Just point the browser of Nexus 7 to air droid web address when the phone and tablet both are on the same Wifi.

  11. Mark

    followed instructions and got video clips playing fine but absolutely no audio on any clips. any suggestions?

  12. Steve

    I followed instructions and got video clips playing fine but no audio on any clips. Any suggestions?

  13. Yosevi

    Thanks, it worked for me with my Nexus 7

    Rooted :P

  14. Westie

    Love Airdroid.. Worked perfectly to get the Flash APK off my un-Rooted HTC One X and onto my un-Rooted Nexus 7..

    Pity I had to install Firefox but now get http://www.Last.FM playing off the Tablet.. Happy Days!

  15. Sean

    Awesome post, it works flawless on Nexus 7. Thanks.

  16. Delboy

    i followed all the steps, bbci is working but NO SOUND! Can someone please help!! thanks

  17. Nigel

    Same for me. Installed fine but no audio. Anyone have a fix? Thanks

  18. Dave

    Me too – no sound. There are lots of versions of the apk file – what ones work? And quite a few version of firefox too. I have Adobe_Flash_Player_11.1.111.10.apk and firefox beta on Nexus 7 but no sound.

  19. Dave

    Vaughn, Mark, Steve, Delboy, Nigel, and me above, all have no sound – any help would be appreciated.

  20. Ben

    I’ve got sound working using this version of flash:

    My sound didn’t work with other versions, just this one. If it has problems still, restart your nexus and they should disappear. Hope this helps :)

  21. wayne

    What do you do if you don’t have an android phone to grab the file from? I have an iPhone and the nexus 7 is my first android device.

  22. Eamo

    If you’re getting no sound, try using version of Flash Player. Fixed the problem for me.

  23. Ebs

    HELP!! I’ve gone through all the steps but Adobe will not install- All I get is ‘App not installed’. I tried with two versions of the Flash Player- even tried the one mentioned in the link given in the How-To………………………………………….Can anyone help me??

  24. Ebs

    I’m on the Nexus….

  25. umchee

    I followed the instructions and had the no sound problem. I then installed flash version 5011 above and everything works great – I’m enjoying full episodes of Daily Show on my nexus 7. Thanks for posting this.

  26. JohnnyRemo

    Thanks for this. Makes a huge difference to the capacity of my Nexus 7

  27. Keith

    Thanks for a great walkthrough, and thanks Ben for your apk.

  28. Christine

    Mine worked good sound with bens link. Thanks

  29. George

    The version supplied by Ben (above) solves the audio issue. Thanks Ben!

  30. Daniel

    I’m having the same problem as EBS…Getting message “App not installed” on nexus 7. Have tried using a couple of versions…same problem with all. Anyone know how to resolve this or why its happening? Thanks

  31. Erik S

    I tires this several times, I cannot get any flash videos to show up. Installing flash 11.1, from another devide, from the website, restarting nexus 7, firefox normal and beta, images do show up but video flickers and doesn’t play. Any flash supported browsers at all? My wife watches VIKI on the tablet and the viki app sucks that;s what she says. I also tried loading regular Web apk from android gingerbread, but file is only 707k and wouldn’t load. Should we be using an older version of flash?

  32. Allen

    This was excellent! I had to download the apk since flash wasn’t on my galaxy s3, but then I followed your advice and it worked perfectly. Thank you for the visual step by step help!

  33. Simon

    This worked fine for me, but the resolution that flash runs is quite low. Is that inevitable or can it be fixed? To take an example, I can’t read the text on the results centre section of

  34. Doug

    It is safer to get Flash direct from Adobe, see:

  35. Adisco

    Works exactly as described, took me all of 5 minutes from start of install to running iPlayer on my Nexus 7.

  36. Dave

    This is awesome and has been annoying me for weeks. Followed your guide and used the apk posted in the forum and iPlayer worked straight away including sound. Thanks for everyone’s time and effort here.

  37. David

    Just wanted to express gratitude to Ben as noone else has yet – now have sound in Flash videos on my Nexus 7 running iView in Firefox Beta flawlessly. Many thanks for sharing the right apk.

  38. Crhtex

    Thanks! Works on my Nexus using Dolphin with sound – thanks Ben.

  39. Ebs

    Hi- this is for Daniel-
    I contacted Google- and explained the situation- they said that the device may be defective if it won’t allow the installation. I went back to my store and exchanged it- now I’ve just installed flash!! Go and exchange your Nexus if you can!!

    Also- if you download Firefox and open it, you can download the apk directly from Ben’s link – cutting out all the other steps ( as long as you tick ‘unknown sources button’).

    Now- I’ve got flash!!!!!

  40. Ebs

    Oh- Thanks Ben!

  41. Doops

    I actually downloaded Flash not for games, but to study via a course materials online in a SWF for my medical school course.

    However, the problem with this helpful fix is that while Flash installation is indeed successful, I can’t actually “interact” with whatever Flash programs I open. In my case, I can’t log in to the course materials because while I can press buttons in Flash, I can’t bring up the keyboard for input.

    I also tried a stylus-slider game called Rose and Camellia, and the Nexus would still let me press buttons in Flash, but not let me slide/actually-play the game.

    Is there a fix to this? I’d really like to be able to study on the go, but the darn keyboard won’t show up after I prompt the Login.
    (If it helps, I was trying to log in to

  42. DEEC

    Took the Flash Player 11.1 from my Galaxy Nexus and it works a treat – perfect quality on iPlayer! Thanks very much!

  43. CPN7

    I am having the same keyboard issue as DOOPS in MasteringEngineering flash content. Does anyone know a solution yet?

  44. Fenix

    WONDERFUL, just did this and it works on my Nexus 7 tablet. Thank you very much :)

  45. Eric

    I realize this post is kind of old, but for the sake of anyone who might stumble on it in the future, Adobe has an archive of their flash APKs on their website, in the archived versions section.

    These are safe to use since we can assume only Adobe themselves can upload files to their site.

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