Once a week we round up some of your great tips and share them with everyone. This week we’re looking at a DIY projector screen, a cheap and versatile universal in-car charging station, and enjoying Reddit on your Android phone.

Ultra-Cheap DIY Projector Screen

Marco writes in:

I scored a free projector from a friend and I wanted to set up a screen for it. While I wanted to go classier than projecting onto the wall I definitely didn’t want to drop like $300 on a commercial-grade screen. I used this tutorial that involves simple lumber framing and vinyl blackout cloth to make a screen for about $30. It might not look exactly like a $300 screen but it looks pretty good (and definitely better than the 10-time-less price would make you think).

Nice find, Marco! We’re currently in the process of building a screen using the technique we highlighted in this post—it’s a little more involved but still fairly inexpensive.

Enjoy Easy In-Car Charging with a Powerjolt

Nicki writes in with the following de-cluttering tip:

I got so frustrated with all the stupid chargers I needed in my car for all my gadgets. The part that plugs into the receptacle is bulky so once you have a half dozen of them it clutters up your whole glove box. I found a perfect solution though! Griffin makes this dual-port USB charger that fits flush with your cigarette lighter hole (so flush it looks like it was practically stock with the car). Now I can leave that in the car and just change the cable when I need it. All the cables I need fit in a sandwich-size plastic baggy.

And for only $7! By the time you read this, ours should already be in the mail! Nice find Nicki.

Browse Reddit in Style with Reddit is Fun

Frank writes in with the following time-wasting-tip:

Don’t know if you guys like to kill your free time on Reddit like I do, but if you do then I’ve got an app for you. I’ve been looking for a good Reddit app for my Android phone for some time now and I finally found one that offers a smooth interface and easy access to important features: Reddit is Fun. It’s free and easy to use whether you’re on a phone or tablet.

While we strive for peak productivity, killing time on Reddit is fun so we’ll definitely be checking out the app!

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