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What You Said: Your Favorite Geek Movies


Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite geek movie; now we’re back to highlight the top ten HTG reader picks. Read on the check out the list of movies that range from funny to serious Sci-Fi and everything in between.

The following movies are listed in order of popularity based on the number positive comments they received in the original Ask the Readers thread:


As a result of tie between 2001: A Space Odyssey and Galaxy Quest, our top 10 list was bumped up to 11. For a full run down of reader votes, check out the original comment thread here.

Have a geeky movie you still want to nominate? Sound off in the comments here to share the love.

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  • Published 07/20/12

Comments (29)

  1. Jeremy

    …Seriously? No Hackers?

  2. Martin

    Hackers (1995)

  3. Chris

    Seriously, Star Wars? “Look at us, we have advanced technology that allows easy travel through space, but we still fight with swords!”

  4. BobbyPhoenix

    I third the “No Hackers?” That is easily in the top 5 of all time.

  5. bobbo86

    I have to fourth the no Hackers complaint

  6. r

    ya, Hackers!!!
    …uhhh, actually it was a really horrible movie with a bunch of untalented actors like Angelina Jolie.
    So, no big deal.

  7. Nivek

    It had is bad parts, but it should be there. I guess I 8th(?) it for Hackers.

  8. tommy2rs

    In the category of So Bad They Could Only Be Geek Movies

    Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (Really young Molly Ringwald)

    Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared Syn (Richard Moll with hair)

    Evolution (only the snark saves it)

    For the Cult following it had

    Repo Man

  9. Janet Peck

    Real Genius

  10. Julie E.

    I would have to say Star Wars, and The Goonies.

  11. Wolf

    Hackers, Ice Pirates, Supernova, Dune,

  12. ernesto

    Seriously? No blade runner?

  13. Stitch

    Blade Runner anyone?, And what about Spacehunter and Yor???

  14. AHI

    I just love Matrix

  15. jackblue

    Destination Moon

  16. RTFM

    What happened to Office Space?!?!
    I’d include Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, but the movie didn’t do the radio show, book or even the TV show much justice.

  17. alvas rawuther

    social network?
    What about it?

  18. jr

    Hacker is the worst pos. Wors movie ever.. made by someone that know anything about computers..

  19. Hooch

    I’m so glad to see Galaxy Quest finally get some recognition. Not really geeky but a truly good movie

  20. Wayne Riker

    That’s pretty close to my personal order of favorites. I’ll add ” Johny Mnemotic” and “Hackers” to the bottom of the list, which is still high praise given the thousands of movies I’ve been exposed to.

  21. Scotto's World

    Fifth Elelment

  22. Scotto's World


    Damn typos :(

  23. Bill

    What? No The Last Starfighter!

  24. Nosaj H

    What about Moon 44??

  25. The Zen Viking

    Wow… No love for Office Space… Also, Outland with Sean Connery. Love that movie.

  26. BlastFemur

    yeah, can’t believe Blade Runner didn’t make … Fifth Element as well …

    GALAXY QUEST?!? really? I mean, I enjoyed it a lot and watch it if it’s on but ….

  27. kura

    how about italian job? lol

  28. Njitram

    @Chris – Lightsabers are meant to be defensive weapons. They allow blaster bolts to be deflected, something that only a personal force field could provide if you were using a blaster (and it would have to recharge). ;)

  29. German Gutierrez

    Antitrust should be on the list

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