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Dropbox Doubling the Storage of Their Pro Accounts Tonight Free of Charge

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If you’re a Dropbox Pro user (or have been contemplating getting a Dropbox Pro account) today is your lucky day. Dropbox has overhauled their pricing structure, effectively doubling the storage capacity of their Pro account with nary a price increase in sight.

Starting later today (keep an eye on the Dropbox Plans page for the change) the Pro 50GB and 100GB plans will shift to Pro 100GB and 200GB plans, doubling the amount of storage users enjoy without an increase in price. Hit up the link below for more info.

New Dropbox Plans! [The Dropbox Blog]

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  • Published 07/10/12

Comments (4)

  1. dragonbite

    Not a complete surprise. With Microsoft (SkyDrive) and Google (Google Drive) in the market, Dropbox is going to feel a lot of pressure against big competitors that can afford to offer prices well below their own capabilities.

    Even with this discount, it comes to (for 100GB)
    Dropbox : almost $100/year (or $1/GB/year)
    SkyDrive’s almost $50/year (or $0.50/BG/year)
    GDrive’s for almost $60/year (or $0.60/GB/year)

    They still have Sync-over-LAN, though.

  2. TechGeek01

    You forgot to mention one thing. Dropbox is also adding a 500GB plan to the mix.

  3. vgamesx1

    yeah, they still make it pretty expensive..
    one of the biggest advantages of dropbox tho, is its app because it works cross-platform and even with the iOS/Android devices. (also great because of the sharing URL)

    I’ve kinda liked Skydrive since they finally made their desktop app because its fairly similar to how dropbox’s works, though at launch Gdrive did come out a bit week with its app, because it was missing features that even Skydrive had, such as easy to share links, google’s way of doing it was harder and more confusing.

  4. Rich Mann

    I have 142 GB for $100 or $0.70 per GB for a superior service. It’s easy to rack up free dropbox space. Google drive blows and so do all of the rotten partners they use. I deleted it after two days.

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