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US Summer Heat Wave Visualized

While it seems like every summer people complain about the heat, this summer there’s a basis to their grievance. In the past month there have been 4,230 daily high-temperature records set across the continental United States.

Over at NPR they’ve rounded up some environmental data that paints a picture of the US as a scorching hot place to be right now. The above map shows the number of locations reporting a recording setting temperature in the month of June; many of those places are on track to appear on the July map (available in the full NPR post). For more interesting stats about this year’s heatwave–like the fact that record temperature reports are up 71% from last year–hit up the link below.

How Hot Is It? All You Need To See Are These Two Maps [NPR]

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  • Published 07/10/12

Comments (7)

  1. Joe Blow

    Would it have killed them to include Canadian data as well ???

  2. Jer

    I’d like them to compare that with historic temperatures from when dinosaurs were here.

  3. Ringman

    Move all to Seattle!

  4. David Blain

    Joe never pleased? Recession-recessiion.We pay taxes,why don’t Cdn?Gov.
    Do it.


  5. Anon

    In response to this interesting news, I think I’ll get in my big old SUV and go for a drive somewhere. Maybe I’ll buy some Chinese spray paint with lots of HFC’s and go paint something. Or maybe, I’ll just whip out some compressed air and do a little dusting. I’m not causing any environmental damage – I’m just one person. Global warming isn’t real. RIGHT?!

  6. tntring

    This is a result of the Chem Trails that you see behind those Jets all the time. Data from Canada as well as Mexico IS included in this map. This is something the Government has put into the jet fuels to cause a drought in the US, as well as other toxic chemicals for population control. This way the top 10% get richer -becasue they have stocked up on food, and the poorer will pay higher prices. This country is going to the dogs because of greed out of control. The greedy bankers of wall street have taken your houses… now they want ALL of your paychecks too! Think I’m lying? Start googling and reading … A country that values it’s privileges over it’s principles soon has neither…

  7. spike

    @Anon: Global warming can be attributed to variations in the sun’s luminosity. Historically, it has increased and decreased in luminosity in periods of roughly 200 years. Right now happens to be an “up” cycle, and even at that, most of what’s said is exaggerated to make good news stories. Does CO2 in the atmosphere really cause a greenhouse effect?? I haven’t ever seen it proven anywhere. Feel free to disagree with a credible backing source.

    @tntring: I’m hoping you don’t seriously believe any of that…

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