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NASA Releases Highest Resolution Photo of Mars Ever Seen

Whether you’re in the mood for a high-resolution extraterrestrial wallpaper or just want to take a very close peek at the surface of Mars, this 23096 x 7681 resolution image ought to do the trick.

Courtesy of NASA and Oppurtunity–the Mars Exploration Rover seen in the photo–the panoramic image was captured during the last Martian winter, between the Earth dates of December 21, 2001 and May 8, 2012. Hit up the link below to grab a full-resolution copy as well as read more about the geologic formations seen in the picture and the activities of the rover.

‘Greeley Panorama’ from Opportunity’s Fifth Martian Winter [Nasa]

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  • Published 07/9/12

Comments (8)

  1. r

    Nice !..lots of beach front property available.

  2. Dano

    Awesome panoramic view of the Mars surface!!!!! Very high detail and can be downloaded as a JPG file and used for multiple screen wallpaper!

    Awesome job NASA!!!!!

  3. RobCr

    Did anyone notice –
    There are crop circles on Mars too

  4. BestofAndy

    Those are not crop circles. NASA engineers had the rovers doing “doughnuts” just to prove that even they are adolescent on Mars as well as Earth.

  5. Kev

    The dates had me confused for a Martian second, but it’s 2011 and not 2001 as your synopsis states.

  6. Rmanwide

    Oh God, don’t let Hoagland see this.

  7. HarryAdney

    Thanks for explaining the “crop circles” Andy; I was getting really worried there. ;-)

  8. fallout330

    He’s bound to find some “proof” of present intelligent life residing on the surface.

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