Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite Windows customization tricks and now we’re back to highlight some of the tips, tricks, and tweaks you shared.

Your customization tips ranged from cosmetic to behind the scenes tweaks and offered a wide variety of ways to customize the Windows experience. Ted Lilley’s favorite must-have tweak involves Windows Explorer:

The most fundamental change I make to Windows 7 is to immediately add tabs to Explorer via the QTTabbar add-on. I also add the good old cut/copy/paste/delete/new folder buttons alongside the tabs by installing Classic Shell (I skip Classic Start).

Robin sets up virtual desktops:

I use VirtuaWin in order to get virtual desktops on Windows, and also install EasyBCD and iReboot in order to quickly reboot into my dual-boot Linux OS directly from the Windows taskbar.

Swelfy adjust the focus-sensitivity with a third party app:

Install KatMouse, so I can use scroll wheel on any window that the mouse is on without changing focus. Also allows you to scroll some panes that normally are not scrollable.

We use WizMouse to achieve the same end, and agree that mouse-over-scrolling is a really handy trick. RJ Sheppard likes to tweak his toolbar:

Everyone seems to tweak for cosmetics. The most useful tweak I found is to right-click the task bar > add new toolbar > browse to My Computer. This creates a toolbar on the taskbar …..that you click and open, but then hover cursor over the drives and folders. Navigate your system without clicking everything…very fast finding something.

Bill tidies up his desktop with a toolbar trick:

I like a clean desktop without icons. Right-click the desktop and choose View. Uncheck Show Desktop Icons. The apps that I use a lot have a shortcut on the task bar. Create a new folder on the Desktop and call it Apps. Open it and drag the icons of apps that you use less often to the Apps folder. Now uncheck Show Desktop Icons. Right click on the task bar. Click on Toolbars. Select New toolbar. Navigate to the new Apps folder. You will end up with Apps at the left side of the tray. Left click on it and you will see the items that you dragged into the Apps folder.

For more tips and tricks covering everything from security to third-party skins, hit up the full comment thread.

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