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Microsoft Discontinuing Windows Home Server

As part of their ongoing push to simplify their product lineups, Microsoft is discontinuing their popular small office/home server platform Windows Home Server. On to see the new alternative for small volume users.

Although, in the context of the simplification push, it shouldn’t seem surprising, many people were in fact surprised by Microsoft’s move to drop the extremely popular and economical WHS platform. Now, instead of dropping $99 on a copy of WHS to build their simple home servers users will find themselves on the first tier of the new Windows Server 2012 pricing ladder: a copy of Essentials for $425. There is one version below Essentials, Foundation, but it’s currently OEM only.

Hit up the link below to see the new features and pricing structure of Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server 2012 [via RedmondPie]

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  • Published 07/6/12

Comments (17)

  1. zapper067

    i am running foundation

  2. Steve

    How much does it cost?

  3. MrMagoo

    Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot by repeatedly introducing good/great products and then dropping them.




    Bob… (OK, not Bob, but the others were great!)

    I’ve been using WHS for years, and it’s saved my bacon several times. I’ve been planning to upgrade to the new version, but not now. I guess I’ll have to find something else. Thanks Microsoft.

  4. Scott

    to simplify their product line? Why don’t they do that?

  5. Daddyo

    Windows OS was just too much work to manage. Constant updates for it and ad ins makes it such a mess.

    I switched to Ubuntu as a file server and I no longer have to manage any of that.

    Sounds like Microsoft if taking a page from Steve Jobs playbook. Steve’s big bang approach that reduced apple to 4 products when he returned restored focus which helped stabilize a sinking ship.

    Hope it works because the world needs Microsoft.

  6. Cal

    I have no need for WHS. I have ubuntu, and it does a fantastic job. Plus its free.

  7. Robert

    WHS was great, you can get one for $30 on newegg on sale and you can run a legit copy of Windows for only $30. It worked pretty good, and very user friendly. hope they support it for a long time.

  8. fjkds

    Hear that? That is the sound of even more people leaving Microsoft’s products for open source products.

  9. YeahRight

    People have been saying “Everyone is leaving Microsoft because of this…” forever. MS is a marketing genius. Amazing how MS products are NOT free, but they still hold more market. The real truth is, Open Source will never be the best because, by it’s nature, ‘it’s open for anyone to mimic and adopt into their proprietary software’.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a big fan of Linux. I’ve been teaching it too for years.

    There’s a time and place for both.

  10. GeoManiac

    Now that is sad news. :( WHS is a great product. I do not support the $$ jump decision – basically MS is screwing the home user once again. It is nothing for a business to lay out big $$ for a server OS, but for the home guy, OPEN SOURCE WILL BE THE ONLY OPTION.

    A friend of mine has just done this recently on a commercial level – he dumped all MS products for an open source solution. A bit of customisation in the beginning, but plain sailing now – no more costs!

    I will be sad to make the jump.


    @YeahRight, What does Microsoft have that tops Google Android, which is considered open source?
    Microsoft, like Apple, is just plain old greedy, but no one who depends on them want to admit it. Every move these companies make is in the name of bigger profits and nothing else.

  12. pbug56

    What exactly is it that passes for management at MicroSloth? They hire programmers to create their OS’s who know little about computers. The designers for Office have clearly never worked in one. The morons behind MUTRO must have grown up on crackberries and early touch screen phones and using POS terminals at McD’s and know nothing about normal day to day personal and business computing. Then they come up with WHS – which seems very popular, sell it widely, then they cut features, then they get rid of it completely.

    Do they work in such a closed environment on the West Coast that they’ve lost all touch with reality?

  13. KTown

    Switch to Ubuntu Server. Problem solved.

  14. Bill

    What I liked about WHS 2003 is the ability to just add another hard drive and instantly add it to storage pool.

  15. Bonnie Elliott

    My sister gave me her desktop because she bought a new laptop.i am reading everything I can find to learn how to do things on a computer. After what I just read, how do I go about making ubuntu as a server? i keep getting different things that are free and usually it just slows down my computer to the point where it sometimes takes up to 10 minutes to get to my hotmail messages.So then I have to restore back to when it worked as well as it has since I received it,which is pretty slow. I found a music thing for free,which I enjoyed very much,but after I installed it,nothing else seemed to work. I am disabled and live on disability.This computer was a God send to me and has become my way to contact the world when I can’t get out,so any advise you can give me for free will be greatly appreciated. Meanwhile,I will keep reading whatever I can find here to learn, learn, learn.

  16. Bonnie Elliott

    Sorry,me again. I forgot to tell you that this desktop is a dell and I am using Microsoft XP home edition. Thanks again for any advise you may have for me.

  17. spike

    @Bonnie Elliott: I don’t think you have to, for your purposes. I’m assuming, from what you said, that you are thinking that you will have to switch XP to Ubuntu, but no.. Windows Home Server is something else. If you are only worried about keeping your XP desktop functional, then you can ignore this article, as it isn’t related to that. Keep up the learning, though! That’s always a good thing!

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