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The ‘Circular’ Evolution of the Windows Logo

Sooner or later everything comes full-circle…

Note: Altered image shown above courtesy of The Verge.

The Next Microsoft (Note: This is the originating source.) [via Neatorama]

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  • Published 07/5/12

Comments (15)

  1. Two Replies

    Not QUITE full…
    Seems it just took the designers that long to straighten out the horizontal lattice.. :-p

  2. Superevil

    This should leave little doubt in anyone’s mind that Microsoft is reverting back to the Windows 1.0 GUI

  3. David

    No windows 98, they may left out because no change in icon

  4. EKMA

    no ME either

  5. gyffes

    And Metro prettymuch guarantees there’ll be no Windows for ME, either.

  6. andy

    I assume Win7 is very similar to the XP icon as they were trying to erase Vista from history…

  7. Sterling

    I think the new logo would have been OK if Microsoft had decided to keep the colors.

  8. theredarmy

    linux is more stable than windows

  9. Rulaiv

    Interesting…..but why doesn’t Microsoft just stick to one, easy to remember logo?

  10. Chloe

    I’m glad the Windows is evolving as fast as it’s icons. -_-

  11. Quophy

    I guess every designer had his own idea. Just stick to one. Imagine if apple changed the half-bitten apple to a mango.

  12. Keith

    Alas, the one for Vista was the best of them.

  13. still2


    …because that would defeat the whole point of calling the company “Apple”.

  14. Cruft

    @ Keith

    Agreed. So is the OS.

  15. vgamesx1

    well I liked it better too.
    also liked the startup logo better as-well, but w7 one is nice.

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