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How to Download Hulu Videos to Your PC for Offline Viewing


If you have ever tried to download videos from the Hulu website, you will have probably noticed that most methods don’t work because of the protocol that Hulu uses. Here’s how to download any video you want from the Hulu website.

Note: This will work on both x86 and x64 installations of Windows, however the browser you are using must be 32-Bit.

Downloading Hulu Videos

The first thing you need to do is grab yourself a copy of RTMPDumpHelper from the NirSoft website.


Once it has downloaded, move the file to your desktop and extract it.


Next you need to grab a copy of the RTMPDump toolkit for Windows from here.


The toolkit also comes as a zip file, so move it to your desktop and unzip it as well.


Now create a new folder on your desktop and call it RTMPDownload.


Next take all the files, which were extracted from both downloads, and put them into the RTMPDownload folder.


Then go ahead and run RTMPDumper and launch your web browser.


Once RTMPDumpHelper has attached to your browser head over to Hulu, as soon as you start watching a video you will notice RTMPSuck intercepting it.


Once you have finished watching the video, head into the RTMPDownload folder we created on your desktop. Here you will see an MP4 file which is the video.


Remember if you don’t live in the United States, you can still access Hulu using this trick.  That’s all there is to it.

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 07/9/12

Comments (16)

  1. Khai

    It is better using get_flash_videos with hulu plugin. You could also download subtitle with this.

  2. Hunter

    Does this work with any video site

  3. Norm

    It works….thx so much…one question is… you have to watch to the whole show in order for it to download?….or is there a way to download several Hulu shows at the same time?

  4. Taylor Gibb

    @Norm to be totally honest, i would have to say im not 100% sure, i think due to the fact that its intercepting the stream, you would have to let the whole video at least buffer to 100%, but i could be totally wrong

  5. R. Adam Quigley

    why not just get playlater?

  6. Killjoy176

    For one, I don’t see anywhere that PlayLater supports Hulu.

  7. Oarking

    thanks for posting about this so they can patch it.

  8. Ed

    It works with some videos some not. It will not capture most video’s.Why is that? It sees the browser but will not capture.

  9. Norm

    It worked for one vid…now it only records/downloads the first 5 minutes?..when the show is over, there is only 5 minutes of download in the folder??

  10. TheFu

    Thanks to Khai for his get_flash_videos suggestion. It used to work well a few years ago, then stopped. I didn’t realize there was a plugin for different sites like hulu. With the hulu plugin and other dependencies installed, it is working really nice on Ubuntu 12.04 here though the “search” feature seems to be really confused and always shows results with Colbert Report for some reason that I don’t understand. If the hulu URL to the video you want is provided, it works. I can’t imagine that x32 or x64 matters.

    Anyway, thanks – now I’ll be able to catch up on those **guilty pleasure** TV shows easier.

  11. Jon

    I followed these steps, it says can not find RTMP proxy server… failed to attach to browser. How can I fix this?

  12. AndyR

    Isn’t working for me. What it shows me (while using firefox or IE is this:

    WARNING: HandShake: Type mismatch: client sent 6, server answered 9
    WARNING: HandShake: Server not genuine Adobe!
    ERROR: RTMP_Connect1, handshake failed.
    ERROR: RTMP_ReadPacket, failed to read RTMP packet header
    Closing connection… done!

    Any ideas about what I might be doing wrong here? Thanks in advance!

  13. Zebulon

    I’m getting the same error and AndyR. Hope someone knows a work-around.

  14. AndyR

    I found an unofficial version of RTMPDump v2.5 here…

    …and you can read more about it here..

    Replace these files with the ones in your ‘RTMPDownload’ folder and hopefully you’ll be up and running.
    I’m happy to say that it now works for me. :)

  15. swole

    get_flash_videos once again nuff said. Just use get_flash_videos and if you are crafty like me you can even script it to download any shows next episode once it is available via cron script or that windows scheduling crap.

  16. chinmi

    There is one easy way to find the hulu downloading software from

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