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Nostalgia Lane: Steve Jobs Introduces the iPhone in 2007 [Classic Video]

With the five year anniversary of the iPhone approaching, here is a look back at when it all started with this classic introductory presentation by Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs introduces iPhone in 2007 [YouTube]

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  • Published 06/29/12

Comments (5)

  1. Cory

    Boy his videos dont age well.

  2. Philipch

    Breathtaking arrogance – “who needs a stylus?”, touch accuracy far less precise on capacitive screen than resistive screen, ignore the competition that had been around since early in the decade with full screen palm os pdas; no they weren’t phones, but they could work wirelessly with bluetooth phone. A friend showed off his first iphone and there was nothing on it that hadn’t been accessible to me with my clie th55 for 2 years already, AND I could draw with precision, AND I could copy paste text, AND I could link photos n sketches to calendar, AND I could write music on fourstave lines, AND I could listen to music while I worked, AND I could backup everything in seconds etc. OK – iphone had far more processing power, superior app capability [but the tiny size of palm os apps meant they worked in milliseconds, were robust not bloatware, had been carefully planned to do specific tasks well, and learning curve not that steep], far better browsing experience, generally very slick – but he claims credit for inventing things that were already there!

    Nevertheless – excellent at milking a willing audience . . .

  3. Paul

    He was an expert bullshitter, that’s for sure. It’s not a “revolutionary mobile phone” at all. It’s just a phone with a PC attached. That doesn’t make the phone “revolutionary”. I can attach a little PC to a dinner plate and call it a revolutionary dinner plate.

    And “breakthrough internet communicator” is just his re-wording of “web browser”, which isn’t (and still to this day!) not a breakthough at all — it doesn’t even display Flash sites!

    Ah, Jobs. He was so full of himself.

  4. Mike

    @Philipch and @Paul,

    While I do not disagree with either one of you, you have to remember one thing: Jobs was a salesman. That is it. He could take roadkill and make it marketable if he wanted.

  5. Aaron

    Look at the phones he shows on the screen, and look at the phones that are for sale today that compete with the iPhone. Like it or not, Apple changed the industry, and for the better.

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