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Official List of ‘Windows 8 Release Preview Ready’ Anti-Virus/Malware Software Now Available

With the recent availability of the Windows 8 Release Preview you may be wondering just which anti-virus/malware apps have been cleared/approved by Microsoft to work with it. Well, your wait is now over. Microsoft has posted an official list along with the download links for the anti-virus/malware apps that are Windows 8 Release Preview ready.

Antimalware apps for Windows 8 Release Preview [via The Windows Club]

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  • Published 06/28/12

Comments (15)

  1. Citrus Rain

    Norton: Crap
    McAffee: Bigger Crap
    Kaspersky: I’ve seen their name pop up in news articles, and IMO, they give off the impression of being greedy scaremongering losers

    Never heard of the rest. And I don’t know what’s good anymore. Any time I switch, I mention on G+ that I ended up installing [x] for reason [y] and everyone cringes.

  2. Paul Wall

    Isn’t Microsoft Security Essentials built into the OS now? That was my primary form of anti virus on my Windows 7 boxes…

  3. spike

    I’m waiting until ESET is “approved”.

  4. Nathanael

    Norton: Crap

    McAfee: Bigger Crap

    Kaspersky: Yeah, they’re greedy scaremongering losers

    F-Secure: Wouldn’t install it if my life depended on it, especially if you’re in a non-English speaking country. A few years back, I was working desktop support in Israel. We had just upgraded client’s F-Secure to the newest version. When users in the client’s office saved files to their systems, the system would freeze. This happened on some files but not others. After much jiggery-poking about in the software, repeated calls to F-Prot in Iceland, and Googling furiously, I find that the latest version exhibited this behavior with non-Roman Alphabet file names…reports from Russia, Korea, Japan, etc. all over the web confirmed this. Sure enough, conversations with the client confirmed that the freezes happened when they worked with Hebrew language files, not with English language files. Over a month had gone by with no patch or word of a patch from F-Prot. F-Prot never returned my emails and only said “We’ll have a patch soon” when I called them. Careless company who releases buggy crap software and doesn’t give a fig about their userbase.

    Panda: I’ve not used their paid product but I really like their Panda Cloud online scanner. It’s found a lot of viruses for me that other AV software has missed.

    Trend Micro: These are the people who made PC-cillin back ages ago. Their modern product is called Trend Micro Security. I’m not that impressed. Worked in an office that used it; seems like it lets a lot of infections through that other products don’t.

    BullGuard: Never heard of the company or the product.

  5. geminimoon66

    Wouldn’t you know that Microsoft would only “approve” of the most worthless, and expensive, anti-virus/malware software crap known to mankind.

    What’s really shocking is that anyone still uses anything Windows as an operating system. Once I found Fedora 16 I got rid of Windows 7 on all my PCs at home and work, saving me literally thousands of dollars in the first year alone!

  6. prigoreanu constantin

    i subscribe to paul wall’s opinion

  7. Amir

    ummmm BitDefender???

  8. @Nathanael

    F-Secure is not related to F-Prot. Two different companies, two different product.

  9. jay

    I thought Kaspersky was like one of the best? what’s so bad about it?

  10. spike

    @jay: Everyone seems to have personal preferences based on experiences. Kaspersky is good, although a bit of a resource hog in my experience, not the worst, though. All the major brands are “good”. They all catch *nearly all* the threats out there. None are perfect. I would pick BitDefender or ESET myself, based on personal experience. Different rating sites also give different results for each.

  11. Readmweep

    AVG is good and Essentials is a post install application. Is has not been on the market for that long though.

    I use AVG on all my systems, family and friends computers I support. I use it simply because I have never had infections get through and infect my supported systems. It is free so it is more widely used than others giving it more exposure to virus’ all I’ve the world. By the time an infection becomes news worthy AVG has it smashed because of their exposure.

    For enterprise: I have seen a lot of issues o the client side with with all but AVG (i think it’s not free to corporate users). For a paid edition I like SOPHOS and McAfee Orchestra (please excuse if misspelled). These run flawless and scan things before they enter your network via emails sent to corporate users or files being downloaded are scanned live during transfer.

  12. Meir

    I use, many years now, only AVG the free version. Have never had any problems. God, save me until the end.

  13. FrankQ

    @spike – Agreed! ESET is the best. I’ve been using it for some time now and love it!
    Although, I have also used the free Comodo Firewall/AV. It’s not bad but I’d only use it on a ‘clean machine’ and not install it AFTER the fact. It’s good at keeping things clean but doesn’t always find “what’s already there”.

  14. Darl

    Agree with you Spike, Bitdefender or Eset, I currently run BD interent Security 2012 on win 7 x64, but it’s not compatible with win 8. Will be looking at BD website for their 2013 beta for my win 8 currently installing on a seperate HD in VirtualBox.

  15. welfare above

    Look at the clowns who never tested anyone of these anti listed. Lets see the losers post the six hundred thousand viruses they used to test, and come up with their hollow welfare opinion.

    I guess Norton is crap on a garbage Dell or HP that you have to buy when working at walmart your entire life.

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