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How to Easily Watch Netflix and Hulu From Anywhere in the World


Ever wanted to access an online web service, only to find it’s only available to those people living in the United States? Read on to find out how you can get around this restriction by changing one simple setting in Windows.

Changing Your DNS Settings

Press the Win + R keyboard combination, then type ncpa.cpl into the run box and hit enter.


Then right-click on your current network adapter and choose properties from the context menu.


When the properties dialog opens, scroll down and choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4), then click the properties button.


Then change your DNS Settings to the following IP’s:

  • Preferred DNS:
  • Alternate DNS:


Click OK, and then browse away.


When you are done browsing the restricted sites, you should change your DNS settings back to what they were before you changed them.

The DNS Server IPs come from the fantastic folk over at Tunlr.

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 06/28/12

Comments (47)

  1. Robinio

    Is it possible to set the DNS only for those Websites (Hulu, Pandora ..) or just for a Programm ?

    I already asked this Question in the forum, but until now, nobody answered.

  2. Taylor Gibb

    @Robinio There is no way to do it natively in Windows. I dont know of any third party programs that do it either.

  3. Rikard

    Nope. Sorry but that trick does not work.

  4. mad.madrasi

    Yes it works – from India at least.

  5. Braden Pintar

    This could probably be scripted using netsh.

  6. joe

    it works if u have a VISA card from USA. otherwise i can register..

  7. Pamela Foster

    Although I live in the United States, and am a born citizen, I often get pop ups stating that it is detected that I am not here (sheesh!), so perhaps this will work! I will let you know if not! THANKS!!~

  8. Omi

    Just use DNS jumper – switches dns to Tunlr then back to normal when you’re done watching.

  9. Biff

    Works for me in Canada.


  10. Denys

    Didn’t work for me in Canada – tested with Hulu and Pandora. In both cases, they detected that I was in Canada.

  11. Hesham

    working well with hulu
    I was wondering If I could use this trick to access facebook and youtube ?
    I can access them here normally so I cant try this, but can I access it form countries which are blocked in using this trick ?

  12. John

    Works like a champ here in Thailand

  13. Dan

    Doesn’t work in israel.

  14. chad

    from Toronto Canada, didn’t work for hulu..worked for adult swim

  15. dani

    how to do this on a MAC?

  16. Df2

    To Dan – It does work in Israel, at least for Hulu

  17. Robinio


    On the tunlr website is a Tutorial how to setup this on a Mac

  18. Steve

    Hulu worked for me in Canada. Although certain parts of the web site did not function correctly. Is there a security risk by leaving these DNS servers enabled or should I go back to my original setting which is set to automatic? I’m also wondering if there is way through the router to query these DNS servers when these sites are requested from any computer on my network?

  19. Taylor Gibb

    @Steve If you have flashed your router so it can run something like DD-WRT you can do that, you just need to set up DNS MASQ for those few sites. Then all the computers on your network will use normal DNS and only when the go to one of these “special” sites will it use the Tunlr DNS Servers

  20. Steve

    @Taylor thanks.. I thought so.. I just came across this post that lists other sites you may want to add to the DNSMasq.

    “Anyway, for those that are using DNSMasq (with DD-WRT modded routers) and have enabled DNSMasq and local DNS, here is a list to put in the “Additional DNSMasq Options”:
    # enable redirects

    Be sure to leave a blank line at the end of the list, otherwise the last line will not work. This will allow all devices in your house to use tunlr DNS only for those sites specified. The rest of your DNS requests will go through to your regular DNS servers, so you can rest easy they aren’t snooping the rest of your traffic. Not to mention you’re doing them a favour not overloading their servers with requests they can’t do anything about.

  21. Odin

    works in holland

  22. mal bailey

    Does this work for uk bbc and itv i players?

  23. Jae

    Does this work in reverse? I am in the US and sometimes want to reach sites in other countries, particularly the UK.

  24. utomo

    How about setting it when we use the hardware media player such as Roku and others ?

  25. Jack in TN

    Now how about DNS that allows watching BBC in the USA?

  26. steve
  27. Nursultan

    thanks works in Kazakhstan

  28. Rick

    I’m on the west coast of Canada, it worked for me on Hulu but not Netflix.

  29. Rob

    Just subscribe to the VPN service called HideMyAss. Then you never have to worry about anything and you get the added security which comes with a VPN service.

  30. Cody

    I have the same question as Jae and Jack in TN: what if I am in the US and want to access a site (in my case to buy a download – yeah, to actually pay for it!) that is only available in the UK.

  31. Stephen

    Works in the UK too from my iPad! Thanks! :)

  32. AQ

    Great work!

  33. jack

    how do you do this on ubuntu

  34. Bikewala

    Works fine in Australia. Many thanks mate

  35. Steve Kalman

    If you leave it at the fixed address, some public WiFi APs such as hotels won’t work. They need their own DNS server to resolve the login page.

  36. Kat

    Wow, it works for me – Jamaica!

  37. john

    How do I watch BBC sports from the USA? Formula 1 is blocked.

  38. Saul

    Works in Peru!


  39. Kevin

    When I go to sign up it wont accept my area code (zip) as it isn’t a USA zip code. What can I do?

  40. leo

    Would anyone know how I could use my debian server to be a wireless access point which then sends all traffic over a vpn service?

    I would then join my xbox to the debian wap which in turn would route all my xbox traffic over a vpn service in another country.

  41. Matthew

    Works for me in the UK. Brilliant!

  42. Lee Frederickscii

    Thanks mate, works perfect!
    How about UK-only sites; like Channel4, Film4, BBC iPlayer, etc. Will very much appreciate it.

  43. Don

    it works in Malaysia! good guide

  44. Naz

    Hula works fine in the UK. Any ideas on how use Netflix?


  45. Amir

    That doesn’t work for me

  46. Jan

    Did not work for me from Canada I was just trying to get to NBC Olympics

  47. graham

    I live in France and for the past 3 weeks I have been watching Netflix by changing the DNS settings to those listed below. However, today I could not connect to the Internet until I changed back the DNS server address to ‘automatically’ Have the DNS settings changed?:

    Preferred DNS server: 149, 154, 158, 186

    Alternate DNS server: 199, 167, 30, 144

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