How to Follow a Twitter Feed in Your RSS Reader

By Lori Kaufman on June 25th, 2012


You probably have an RSS reader you really like and several feeds you follow. We encountered a situation recently where we had a Twitter feed for free eBooks (HundredZeros), but no RSS feed on the website and no RSS button on the Twitter feed.

NOTE: See our recent article about HundredZeros for more information about it.

We wanted to add the Twitter feed for HundredZeros (!/HundredZeros) to our RSS reader so all our feeds are available in a centralized place. However, you can’t simply paste the URL for the Twitter feed into your RSS reader. You must determine the ID for the Twitter name first.

There is a site, called TwIDder, that allows you to convert from a Twitter username to the corresponding ID and from an ID to a Twitter username. Go to the following URL:

Enter the username for the Twitter feed in the User Name edit box and click >> ID number. The corresponding ID for the username displays to the right of the ID number button. Copy that ID, or at least make a note of it somewhere.


Open your RSS reader. We’re using Desktop Google Reader in our example. Click the button or select the menu item to add or subscribe to a new feed.


Enter the following URL as the feed URL, replacing the XXX with the ID number on the TwIDder page.

For example, we used the following URL to subscribe to the HundredZeros Twitter feed in our RSS reader.

Subscribe to the feed.


The feed is added to your RSS reader.


You can now follow your RSS feeds and Twitter feeds in one application. Handy!

Lori Kaufman is a writer who likes to write geeky how-to articles to help make people's lives easier through the use of technology. She loves watching and reading mysteries and is an avid Doctor Who fan.

  • Published 06/25/12
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