Every week we round up some tips from our inbox and share them with everyone; this week we’re looking at more  kindle books, running Windows 3.1 on the iPad, and some DIY antenna builds.

Free Kindle Books

Uri writes in with a free-books tip:

Love all the Kindle/ebook reader stuff you guys share! I’m all about getting as much free reading material on my Kindle as possible so I thought I’d pass along a site I’ve been using (although I admit the Hundred Zeros ones is a lot prettier to look at). Keep up the good work!

When it comes to free books, we’re all about new material and sources too. Thanks for sharing!

Running Windows 3.1 On the iPad

Steve writes in with the following emulation tip:

I saw your OS X 7 on Nook post earlier this week… did you know you can run Windows 3.1 on your jailbroken iPad? All you need is a copy of DOSPad and your old Windows 3.1 files (and by your old Windows 3.1 files I mean whatever files you can scrounge up online because I sure as heck don’t have my old disks). It’s surprisingly easy fun to dink around with Windows 3.1 on the iPad like this… it’s just enough nostalgia without a whole lot of work.

Maybe computing will go full circle and we’ll all be using the computers of tomorrow to emulate the operating systems of yesteryear. Nice find Steve!

DIY HDTV Antenna Designs

Nicky writes in with a HDTV reception tip:

While the see-through antenna you shared definitely wins in the looks department, you can build a bigger and better antenna on the cheap if you know how. I used these plans to build a DIY antenna. It cost me like $20 in parts to build the same huge antenna internet retailers were hawking for $100.

That’s a nice chunk of change to save and still enjoy superior reception; thanks for sharing!

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