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How to Uninstall Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8


We previously explained why so many geeks hate Internet Explorer, and even though Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are greatly improved, and on par with the competition, we’re still going to explain how to uninstall it from Windows 8 if you should want to do so.

Uninstalling Internet Explorer 10

Press the Win + R keyboard combination and type appwiz.cpl into the run box, then hit enter.


When the Programs and Features window opens, you are going to want to click on the “Turn Windows features on or off” hyperlink on the left hand side.


Next, find Internet Explore and uncheck it.


You will then be given a warning, you can just click yes to continue.


Now click on the OK button, and then reboot your machine.


Once you machine has restarted, you will see that Internet Explorer is no longer in the taskbar


You should also notice that the Metro version of Internet Explorer has also been removed.


That’s all there is to it.

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 06/28/12

Comments (11)

  1. r

    It suffices to say that this doesn’t actually uninstall anything, it just turns it off.

  2. Raging God

    I’ve done all that in windows 7. But when I scan for ie files with ccleaner IE is somehow still uses the internet. I’ve no idea whY?

  3. VernDog

    Yes, the title is misleading! As the first comment, it just turns it off.

  4. Hidalgo

    “Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are greatly improved, and on par with the competition”, the competitions browser can be completely removed or uninstalled and we are given a Choice. Turning a windows feature on or off is nothing new, seems the author is playing a Marketing Game.

  5. spike

    @Hidalgo: IE 9 and 10 can be considered on par in functionality and performance; better in some areas, worse in other areas. This is absolutely a fair statement and not “marketing”.

  6. Spil23


    “This is absolutely a fair statement and not “marketing” because you may think so, not because it’s necessarily true or valid.

  7. spike

    @Spil23: I don’t “think so”- I’ve done plenty of testing. In a lot of benchmarking, IE9 runs faster than Chrome or Firefox. I use all the major browsers all the time, and each one has their strong spots. A lot of people jump on the bandwagon and dump on IE, but you’ve got to do your own research and come to your own conclusions, not form opinions based on propaganda.

  8. Spill23

    yes, but you have no credibility. You’re just another voice. We’ve all done testing in one way or another, that doesn’t make anything valid. It just reinforces an opinion. And, I don’t recall ever saying that I base any of my opinions on propaganda.

  9. spike

    @Spill23: I don’t care about my credibility on here, I just wish everyone would come up with their own conclusions based on *real facts*. The point being discussed here was the statement “Internet Explorer 9 and 10 are greatly improved, and on par with the competition”.
    If you have “done testing” as you state, you would know the truth in that.
    I didn’t mean to argue or say that you mentioned propaganda, but there is a lot of it around, and a lot of people *do* say they hate IE because they think it makes them look smarter, since typically ‘geeks’ are the ones that don’t like it; more specifically, web developers. (again, I’m not accusing anyone specifically of this, I just know it happens)
    As a matter of fact, IE is my least-used browser, in spite of it’s performance. That’s why I was looking at this article.

  10. eng az

    how can i install Internet Explorer 8 ?

  11. shakenama

    I just tried this. It simple removes the shortcuts and turns it off. Was trying to downgrade to IE9 (an application website hasn’t updated to IE10). Still working on this.

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