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Download and Try Out the New ‘Australis UI’ Test-Build of Firefox for Windows

We have all been hearing about the upcoming changes to the UI in Firefox and now the first test build is finally available to try out. Mozilla software engineer Jared Wein has worked hard and put together an unofficial (at the moment) Australis UI build that you can download as a regular installer or as a portable in zip file format.

Here is a closer look at the new tab setup in the Australis build. Notice that only the focused tab is non-transparent while the non-active tabs blend nicely into the background.

Special Note: Our screenshots were taken in Windows 8, thus the slightly different looking (non-rounded) corners on the app window.

The test build only works on Windows at the moment, but you can bet that Linux and MacOS builds are coming in the near future!

Visit the blog post below to download the setup format you prefer best…

Get a sneak preview at the new Australis tabs (Windows only) [via Kevin P (Doctor_P21) & Ars Technica]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 06/21/12

Comments (11)

  1. Dave

    Having no used Firefox since v3.6 that does look a hell of a lot like Chrome

  2. jay

    No no no!

  3. Argam

    Chrome in disguise?

  4. Danny

    Do not want!!
    So long as it’s optional, and not forced.

  5. Jacob

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!
    One of the biggest reasons I don’t use Chrome is I hate the look of the GUI… Really Mozilla??

  6. natsumerio

    The un-focused tabs look almost invisible. How stupid can you get, Jared? Also, the new “9 tab prview page” display sucks. It’s nothing but a WASTE of resources, & even CCleaner with CCEnhancer & Winapp2.ini can’t get rid of them yet, although the Winapp2.ini file is being updated to cover them. Firefox even refuses to display http/https/whatever in the address bar. Here’s how to fix those 2 ‘features’.

    FORCE FIREFOX TO ALWAYS DISPLAY http/https/whatever.

    1) Start firefox.
    2) Type “about:config” in firefox’s address bar & press “return”.
    3) ScroLL to “browser.urLbar.formatting.enabLed”.
    4) Right cLick it & cLick “toggLe” to set it to “faLse”.
    5) ScroLL to “browser.urLbar.trimURLs”.
    6) Right cLick it & cLick “toggLe” to set it to “faLse”.
    7) CLose that tab.


    1) Start firefox.
    2) Type “about:config” in firefox’s address bar & press “return”.
    3) Right cLick somewhere, cLick “new > booLean”.
    4) Name this “browser.pagethumbnails.capturing_disabled”.
    5) Set it’s vaLue as “true”.
    6) CLose that tab.

  7. Gary

    The only thing that is remotely chrome like is the tab and that is stretching things. Like the current Firefox Chrome displays all tabs equally alike. Australis only displays the active tab in a Chrome like way. Look at the other tabs. Not Chrome like at all.

    Why you guys insist it looks like Chrome is beyond me. I really think you just like to hear yourself talk.

  8. Jack Alexander

    I’ll stop going up in increments on Palemoon when they do something stupid like this and put the tabs on top. It DOES look like Chrome. (Chrome is a giant piece of spyware.) I am testing the current Nightly though….the tabs are in the correct place: Where I choose.

  9. Jeff

    I hate the new look. The current GUI is ok in my opinion. There is no need to copy Chrome’s look.

  10. trebor


  11. lizbit

    yea I’m not enjoying this new firefox with the chrome look it pisses me off six love

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