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Grams to Pounds: A Domino Chain Reaction [Video]

Most of us have seen a domino knock down or two in our day, but this demonstration video shows how a series of increasingly larger dominoes allow a tiny domino to knock over a 100 pound domino.

A domino can knock over another domino about 50% larger than itself. A chain of dominos of increasing size makes a kind of mechanical chain reaction that starts with a tiny push and knocks down an impressively large domino.

The only question we have after watching the video is: where can we find 29 appropriately sized dominoes?

[via Neatorama]

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 06/18/12

Comments (3)

  1. keltari


  2. DK


    Exactly, The smaller domino while falling has some acceleration that is why the smaller domino has enough force to knock down the larger one.

  3. jvector

    Nah, this is going to depend on the depth of each domino. Every domino has a height H, a width W and a depth D. The depth D is critical because the domino will tip over when it is pushed over so that its centre of gravity is past 1/2 its depth from its static resting upright position. So if I could make really thin dominos they would fall over really easy and thick ones need much more energy to make them fall over. So the ‘one half’ figure is going to vary depending on how thick your domino is.

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