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There is Hardly a Scratch on It! [Humorous Image]

That hard drive has lots of life left in it…

View the Entire Set of Photos of this Hard Drive (29 Image Set)

I finally removed this failed SCSI drive 2 years after the server reported it had failed. Yeah that report seems about right. [via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 06/13/12

Comments (7)

  1. Rob9840

    It’ll be fine… Nothing that a little WD-40 and duct tape can’s fix!

  2. JPBrogan

    Two years to change out this drive .. what an embarrassment to our profession. This behavior denigrates our profession and belittles what most of us strive for. This is not the publicity we techs strive for. (Humorous to us? To some – LOL. To others – WTF. To the professionals – I can’t believe this a$$hole took two years to change this drive!!! But if seen buy the average CIO, disastrous to the image of ALL techs.)

    P.S. @Rob9840 .. I would have chosen a white lithium/Teflon lubricant over WD-40. I think the viscosity, after a few revolutions, would give a better head to platter distance to read the (remaining) data with a lower error rate. Testing of our theories should prove which might work the best. Should we contact this a$$hole this person to have them verify which will work?

  3. Chris

    @JPBrogan – Oh, lighten up Francis! He never said it was in a production server. Your attitude is an embarassment to our profession. If you follow the link to Reddit, he elaborates on the details:

    Heh this was in like 2005 or 2006. It was part of a RAID 1 array in a barely used server. The other drive in the array still worked and if it failed it wasn’t important enough to care (once it finally did fail we recycled the server).

    It was reporting offline but I didn’t feel like taking it out but a year or two later I had to shut down the server for some reason and decided to take it out. I opened it up and that’s what I found.

    I’m pretty sure it was spinning or attempting to for a while even in that condition as it was very noisy right up until I removed it.

  4. r

    who cares, If he want’s to look at an amber light on an old server drive slot for 2yrs then good for him.
    “…denigrates our profession and belittles bla, bla, bla….” Yes, I’m very worried..Ha!!
    However, this may impact my “strive” for world peace, so…

  5. Hugybearmd

    Maybe he was waiting for his replacement to come from HP Total Care… that only took HP three months to get my replacement drive to me!

  6. Simon

    Would love the magnets out of that.. :)

  7. Dorothy

    I’ve never known a HDD to get like like that.

    I’d like to see a ruler or a dead bug next to it. I suspect it’s an old 5.25″ drive.

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