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Beginner: How to Disable a Live Tile in Windows 8


Windows 8 comes with a new Live Tile feature that allows applications to send you information through their tile on the Start Screen. Carry on reading to find how you can individually turn off Live Tiles.

Turning Off a Live Tile in Windows 8

Make sure you are on the Start Screen, if not, press the Windows key to get there.


Next we need to select the tile that we want to disable, to do this we right-click on it.


If you look to the bottom of the screen, you will see a Turn off live tile button, click it.


You can see that the date is no longer shown on our tile.


This little tip will work for any Live Tile on the Start Screen.

Taylor Gibb is a Microsoft MVP and all round geek, he loves everything from Windows 8 to Windows Server 2012 and even C# and PowerShell. You can also follow him on Google+

  • Published 06/7/12

Comments (4)

  1. Jagmohan

    Great that we have now started well on windows 8, i suggest its time to add a new category for windows 8.

  2. grellanl

    Nice tip – the People tile in particular bugs the heck out of me, I had no idea it was possible to disable live tiles like this, but keep them on the start screen.

  3. Johan

    Great instruction! If the first you can think of is how to disable an important part of the new user interface, then I start thinking: what else stinks about this ‘improved’ operating system? I am not going to put up with Windows 8 for the years to come, I will stick with Windows 7, the operating system where Microsoft finally got it (more or less) right. Windows 8 = Vista revisited. Will they ever learn in Redmond? Why don’t we, users, send a couple of shrinks to those red headed Indians?

  4. David

    And if we want the tile back????

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