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The Frustrations of Resetting Your Password Online [Video]

We have all been there…finding ourselves needing to reset a password and suffering through the process of creating a password that the online service will accept. You will certainly feel some sympathy watching this young woman reset the password for her favorite web service before she can log in and have fun.

Note: Video contains some language that may be considered inappropriate.

Have you had similar bad or extremely frustrating experiences while resetting a password? Let us know in the comments!

Reset Your Password [via MakeUseOf]

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  • Published 06/8/12

Comments (6)

  1. notovny

    Some time ago , I signed up for an account, and used GMail’s plus-addressing capability as the email account, [username] as the signup address.

    A year or so later, I’d forgotten the password, and decided to reset the password on the account. I discovered that the password recovery feature didn’t consider a “+” as a valid character in an email address, even though I’d signed up with the aforementioned address, and had been receiving mail at the address from Audible.

    Luckily, after a few guesses, I was able to figure out what I’d used as a password, generated a new one, and stored it in LastPass.

  2. Joseph

    How’s this for frustration? I wanted to create a new account. After a lot of refused user names, I decided to make up a word to use as a name. Much to my surprise I was told that the ‘made-up word’ was already in use! I emailed that address and was told that the account does not exist!!! Am I missing some basic I.T. knowledge here? Can someone enlighten me? I mean it is highly unlikely that two people make up the same word. There again, everything is possible.

  3. Pat

    My problem is with user names. It makes no difference how outrageous you make it, it’s already in use. How can there be any body else who wants a user name like “nebelwerfer” or “RatBite”? As it turns out, a bunch. Whomever or whatever it is that keeps track of user names lies and should be punished

  4. nebelwerfer

    Apparently my user name has been hijacked!

  5. Ron

    What’s is the best way to create a password that’s hard to beat?

  6. Asian Angel

    @Ron – LastPass has an awesome password generator built in for those times when you need to generate a good random password. ^_^

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