Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite tricks for keeping your gear from getting lost and getting it back should it go missing. Now we’re back to share some great reader tips.

Johann opts for the most straight forward method:

Best way is also the least geeky and therefore ignored by techies – stick a big label on the thing with some contact details.

By all means encrypt etc but this isn’t making it easier to return, just securing your data, and these are two very different things.

If someone who ‘finds’ your kit is the kind of guy to give it back then a label is the easiest way to give the info to them, forget about disk labels, autoruns etc. and just keep it simple.

There’s much to be said for this. If someone finds something and they’re inclined to return it, a straight forward label is certainly easier for them than say, plugging the device in and seeing that the disk label is your phone number.

Mr Blue loads his contact details on the device:

I keep a text document on my flash drives with my contact details in the event an honest person finds it.

As for my other tech like may others I use tracking software, but I also use the good old UV pen and etch my Name/Postcode into the device that way if someone finds it less appealing to keep with my name on it.

We can’t tell you the number of portable drives we’ve been able to return to their owners over the years because lots of people have their resumes and other identifying documents they’ve taken to a print shop or the like on the drives.

Other readers use tracking software for big ticket items, like Bryan:

PreyProject for my laptop. I haven’t tested if it works though.

As for my flash drive, I usually give up hope and encrypt my files instead.

While we label flash drives so honest people can return them if we misplace them, encrypting and assuming the worst is definitely a good practice.

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