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Learning from History [Humorous Image]

Is there a lesson to be learned here??

History []

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 05/18/12

Comments (19)

  1. MS

    That’s too funny. I don’t like the new W8 Metro interface and hope it goes the same way the AOL interface did. I need a computer, not a kiddie toy.

  2. Adam

    but so many people need a toy so no one is happy either way

  3. Ed

    Hey one of the things I liked about AOL. O yea I was 6 back then.

  4. moosester

    I hope they mail me more of those plastic coasters with the hole in the middle like AOL used to do. I’m running out.

  5. Henry

    AOL was touch optimized?!!?!

    \born in 1995

  6. prata

    Yeah, right. That is why Android is so unpopular. And IPhone. No one wants to use it. I don’t like the Metro either, but having the same interface across … is not a bad idea. We will have to wait and see if it bombs. It is not like MS has not been successful on their own, is it?

  7. Dark Reality

    Microsoft are just following the logical course. The iPhone is wildly popular (I don’t know what the commenter above me is thinking) and it has such a juvenile interface. Microsoft isn’t copying it; instead of rich, vibrant icons, they are opting for these nasty monochromatic tiles, but the idea is much the same.

    @Henry: No, touch screens were not available to consumers in 1995, at least not at a price the average citizen could afford, but yes, the AOL “Channels” page as depicted above would have been very touch-friendly. It was aimed at older and younger Internet users, and gave them big things to click on considering they might not be very adept at using a mouse.

  8. Jonathan Hill

    @prata: You don’t buy an amphibious car if you are going to use it exclusively on the road, why would I want an OS compromised so it can be used on both a tablet and a desktop when I want to install it on a desktop? They are two very different applications and need two very different UIs. A jack of all trades is a master of none. Microsoft should release two different versions, or better still, give you the GUI choice when logging in like in Linux where you can choose between any installed shell.

  9. Terramont

    Ummm, Apple does reminds me of AOL and the caged experience it made possible. While I am not a fan of Microsoft, I think that it makes a great deal of sense to introduce a touch screen based operating system for mobile devices like tablets and phones. I just just hope that they still provide connectivity with windows 7, also synchronization.

  10. ian

    we dont even have windows 8 in australia yet !!!

  11. Urichhai

    Used the beta of Windows 8 and almost instantly wiped my drive and reinstalled 7. This I can see is basically going to be a fail like ME was. Too many people still use a desktop without touch screen and since this seems to be geared that way I see problems on the horizon. I have been a Beta tester for MS since 98SE and said almost the same thing when ME came out. Hope they figure that as far as a Tablet/Smart phone OS it is great but for those who still need to use desktop like all the office workers in the world and me its a bad idea. IMHO Metro is Frackin ugly anyway.

  12. Keith

    The problem is this, to me at least. I have no doubt that the Metro start screen is workable and might even look borderline nice on a tablet. But I don’t ever want to see this ugly tiled sh*t on my desktop machine. Yet it’s as though there is a concerted effort on the part of Metro lovers (including MS) to shove this down my throat, even as someone who has no plans on using a tablet device.

    What it looks like, is my second or third lousy attempt at building a graphical webpage. That’s Metro, to me, and it’s depressing.

  13. zapper067

    I hate the metro interface.This picture does not seem funny,but looks like a serious message that should be delivered to microsoft.Not everyone want metro,they should make an option to disable it.

  14. Dark Reality

    Ian, we don’t have Windows 8 here in the States, either. At least not the final build. Two preview builds have been released. If you want to try it, while you may not be able to download from Microsoft due to your location (but look into that first), you may be able to torrent it. The demo was freely given out to anybody who wants it.

    I tried the first one, and it was problematic. Maybe someday I will get the second one and confine it to a VM. Metro is not a terrible idea as an option for novices. It’s a decent, straightforward design. But the more savvy among us will want something more. And from what I’ve heard, Windows 8 will force it on everybody. I’m sure somebody at Microsoft thinks that this is a good idea, and I’m sure the backlash will prompt them to push Windows 9 even faster, which will offer a compromise. Same thing with XP for ME and 7 for Vista. We just need to wait for the next one. And by then maybe touch-enabled monitors will be more common, like HD monitors vs. SD.

  15. kristina

    @Asian Angel, I don’t have feel that win8 metro is a good things. Now because

    if you made a chrome extensions more people use it when metro is made available only for windows (only win8 user).

    Metro apps is look like offline apps implementation used in Firefox. Ms just make copy it and put their slogan on it called win8 metro.

  16. Asian Angel

    @kristina – I am not very impressed with Metro either…I have a feeling that when Windows 8 is released that it is not going to get a very good reception.

    I believe that people will hold onto Windows 7 like they have Windows XP…I could be wrong but… ^_^

  17. Urichhai

    @ Asian Angel- Nope I believe you hit it on the head, Remember when ME came out, I installed it on several customer computers and ended going back to reinstall 98SE. Windows 8 to me is a sad remembrance of that time. Seems that every couple of OS releases they get wild bugs up their rears and put out very buggy and moronic software.

  18. Claudio

    I tested Win8, the first preview released.
    I do not really like Metro on desktop too, but it is quite easy to switch to a ‘win 7’ like interface, so I do not see all these problems…
    In general, excluding UI preferences, the OS seems quite good, reactive and stable.

  19. Citrus Rain

    Seen this on G+ about a month ago at least.

    However you have to give the metro crap a little credit. Thanks to Microsoft’s bad GUI choices, we’re finally getting native Linux support for Steam!

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