Once a week we round up some great reader tips and share them with everyone. This week we’re looking at a cheap DIY setup for “scanning” film negatives and slides, animating GIFs with Android, and pushing RSS feeds to your Kindle.

Roll Your Own DIY Negative Duplicator

Trent writes in with the following tip:

I saw your article about building a slide scanner from a camera. I built something similar a few years ago and it works great for both slides and negatives. The tutorial I followed is still online. Happy archiving!

Thanks for sharing Trent; the build you shared is certainly flexible and the ability to use a bright light source instead of an off camera flash (for those lacking an off camera flash) is handy.

Create GIFs with Android

Mark writes in with the following animated GIF tip:

Loved the animated GIF Photoshop article, but for those of us who are lazy or can’t afford Photoshop (or both!) there’s a cool Android app called GifStich. It’s got a ton of useful features for a free app, if I do say so. I’ve only used to for some goofy DIY type animations, but so far it hasn’t let me down. Also, as a bonus, did you know GIF is actually pronounced JIF like the peanut butter company?

Discovering the correct pronunciation of GIF came way too long after we’d been using the format, we’ll have to admit.

Push RSS Feeds to Your Kindle with KindleFeeder

Erin writes in with the following Kindle tip:

First, thanks for all the Kindle/ebook articles! Lots of tech sites seem to ignore ebook readers because they’re so simple but you can do so much with them. Second, I’ve gotten some miles out a handy tool, KindleFeeder. It packages up your RSS feeds pretty nicely and makes it easy to read them on your Kindle.

We agree, you can do a lot with ebook readers and we’re glad you’ve enjoyed our articles about them! KindleFeeder looks like a polished tool for enjoying your feeds on the go. Nice find!

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