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Quick Physics: Why the Solar System can Exist [Video]

Ever wonder how the planets in our solar system maintain their balanced orbits around the Sun? This quick physics lesson video shows you just how the balance is maintained.

Why the solar system can exist [via Geeks are Sexy]

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  • Published 05/16/12

Comments (6)

  1. ElYmmit

    Hmm, my physics is a bit rusty but 3D is space and 4D is space-time. Don’t we live in space-time? Time is relevant to calculate the speed right? Signed ignorant (and nitpicking) geologists.

  2. Bigtech

    Actually the 4th dimension is one of those theoretical things like string theory. And time has nothing to do with the speed of light. Light moves at it’s given velocity. It’s just a quirk of how we measure speed. Rate of change in position over time.

    You see einstein had the idea that gravity wasn’t really a force as much as it the terrain of the 4th Dimension creating bulges and dips.

    The video pretty much explains one of the loopholes in the 4D theory. If you take that into consideration, orbits would decay much more rapidly.

  3. thunk_it

    I actually thought one of the current models of the universe has us living in 12D space. We just are physically ware of 4. Kind of like not being able to see in the ultra-violet spectrum of light.

  4. inexcusable_me

    Velocity isn’t speed, but rate of change of speed. Something slowing down, or speeding up, has negative or positive velocity. A car, or a star-ship, maintaining a constant speed, has no velocity (sometimes wrongly referred to as neutral velocity.

    Just a pet peave of mine. (peeve?)

  5. anon

    inexcusable_me you are a moron.
    Velocity is the change of displacement
    Acceleration is the change of Velocity (speeding up or slowing down)

    Velocity IS Speed, but with a direction (its a vector)

  6. Adam

    I thought that was 2 very well spent minutes. Thank you, HTG, for putting it up on your site, and please continue to consider putting up somewhat non-techy “how things work” videos like this in the future.

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