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Water Soaked Laptop? Not a Problem! [Humorous Images]

There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with a water soaked laptop…and an oven is definitely not the right way…

Reddit Thread with Additional Details & Original Size Pics [via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 05/15/12

Comments (26)

  1. Jeremy

    OMG WOW….I’ve seen some messed up laptops, but that is beyond some of my worst customers.

  2. David Aris-Sutton

    The question is, does it still work?

  3. Michael

    The keys on the laptop made me LOL.

  4. BigT

    * Place Lap top in oven at 350 degrees for twenty minutes.
    * After twenty minutes rotate and cook for an additional twenty minutes.
    * Remove let cool, serves 8

    Betty’s Tips:
    * For even golden crisp texture. paste with olive oil after rotatting.

  5. MJ

    So dumb, everyone know the microwave is the right way to handle these kind of liquid spills.

  6. CompWiz

    LOL @ MJ

    Is the video chip working now?…

  7. trm96

    This is probably the best thing you can do to a Dell, other than maybe run it over with the car…!

  8. eldergeek

    At least, it’s nice to know that the hard drive of this laptop is still working.
    This is definitely a laptop from H E L L !!!

  9. owen123

    Hmm If you had a MacBook Pro – aluminum, it would probably fair better, although you would never need to do that to a mac.

    I think it got what it deserves having a Windows Vista Sticker On it.

  10. Subbrilliant

    Yes, Apple products are treated with Scotchguard at the factory rendering them waterproof.

    And in open defiance of physics the aluminium chassis does not conduct heat into the internal components.

    They don’t ever get viruses either.

  11. Jon

    Macbooks are water and heat resistant. They have a hidden app that is working in the background that protects the “intestines” from a short. Try it out and share the images.

  12. Rick

    This scares me… People this stupid exist.

  13. thegeekkid

    Apple products don’t get viruses??? Do you even know what a virus is? There is no computer in the world that is immune to viruses. And if you really think they don’t get viruses… what did you think of Lion? Nobody seems to note that Linux is probably even more virus free than Macs are!

    Thanks for that one… I think I might just use that line the next time someone is bragging about how their Mac is water proof! :)

    Why do you think they buy Macs? :)

  14. T

    Subbrilliant was joking you shmo. The fact that you missed it entirely might make you a candidate for a Mac. (reference your @Rick statement if that one went over your head too.)

  15. Paul

    This is why I prefer to cook my laptops in the slow cooker — sure, they’re still wet, but oh so tender.

  16. FOZA

    i find the tumble drier works great….it just knowing how to put the warm pieces back together..

  17. Duncan

    Of course people like this actually exist and you should well know; we had one as President of the USA for 8 years…..

  18. David

    Foza, you have it all wrong…..Put the wet, bedraggled laptop into the washing machine first, load in plenty of soap powder, put it on a bio wash (want to be eco friendly here), let it burl around for a half a hour, making sure it gets a thorough rinse and then dried thoroughly at a nice and slow pace of 1200 revs per minute…….after all the main parts having separated……once the washing machine has finished doing its cleaning……then you may put it into the tumble drier………I would also recommend whilst it is getting washed, you nip out to the DIY shop and get a few tubes of glue and some sticky tape lol

  19. Ushindi

    You all will notice, however, that it IS now dry…

  20. pol

    Only 20 minutes at 180, the flavour enhances

  21. Nokomis

    Would you like fries with that?

  22. Bubby

    I dropped my magnificent Mac and water on top of it as well, dried it with my girly girl hair dryer curler and its keys curled up, surely I cannot type on it but hey, it got the most beautiful twirling keys I have ever seen….he he

  23. Keith

    Mmm… mmmm!! MMMM!!! Got the major hungreez now! Do they make slices of bread big enough so you can make a nice sandwich out of that??

  24. pash

    u people are really funny yeah this laptop is water resistant too look again at the picture and u will notice that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. pash

    buddy u should have used the cold dry method not hot otherwise u were not drying ur laltop but cooking it

  26. Roi

    Hahaha that’s the same laptop I have! The Inspiron 1525 :D

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