Once a week we round up some of the great tips readers mail in and share the with everyone. This week we’re looking at DIY flash diffusers, homemade Ethernet cable testers, and how to get the Windows 8 Metro UI in Windows 7.

Roll Your Own Flash Diffusion Dome

Ron writes in with the following photography tip:

I was looking into buying Gary Fong’s “Light Sphere” but I didn’t want to shell out $40 sight unseen. I found this DIY tutorial that turns a Tupperware container into a Light Sphere knock off. It works really darn well and if I upgrade at all, it’ll be for the aesthetic and not for the performance. Cheers!

We checked out the tutorial; for what amounts to a 50 cent food container and a spattering of spray paint, it certainly yields good results. Thanks for sharing!

DIY Ethernet Cable Tester Tests Cables On The Cheap

Mitch writes in with a tip off on how to roll your own cable tester:

Ethernet cable testers are expensive and I like having them in more than one place (I work in a big building and I don’t like hauling my tools everywhere all the time). I followed this guide and turned a simple power box into a tester. Once you’ve made one it’s easy to crank out a few in a row. They’re cheap!

What they lack for in pocketability, they certainly make up for in price. Nice find!

Skin Windows 7 To Use The Windows 8 Metro UI

Mark writes in with the following user-interface tweak:

I found a great program called Mosaic Project that layers the Windows 8 Metro look over Windows 7. It’s not permanent, the program is portable, and over all I’d say it works pretty well. It doesn’t 100% emulate the interface but it looks nice and gets the job done.

While not everyone is a fan of the new Windows look, those that are will be well served by your tip. Thanks Mark!

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