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One of the characters you might have seen around How-To Geek is our very own “Keyboard Ninja.” Today, we honor him in t-shirt form, and you can pick the first design you’d like to see printed for the HTG store.

If you like the content here at HTG, we’d love to hear back from you—we made these for you, the readers, and we hope to hear if you like what we’ve got to offer. Check them out, tell us your thoughts in the comments section (or send us emails at and fill out our poll in the section below.  The design that you like the most will be professionally printed and sold right here at Interested in buying one of them right now? Join our mailing list to be notified when they’re ready for be bought and shipped right to you.

Design 1: Office Ninja’s Fists Of Fury


Fists of iron, fingers like lightning. As your friendly office keyboard ninja, there’s no code nor keyboard shortcut you don’t know. With this tee, everyone will know you’re a deadly keyboard ninja. This one’s printed on a Black 100% Cotton heavyweight tee, pre-shrunk for your convenience. Available in standard adult tee shirts that will fit women or men with large sizes up to 2XL available.

Design 2: 8-Bit Cinema Scene Ninja


A strangely familiar blue ninja pushes up his glasses and shows off the typing skills. The Japanese characters for “ninja” are emblazoned on the center chest under a pixel art design. It comes on a Black Pre-shrunk 100% Cotton heavyweight tee. Available in standard adult tee shirts that will fit women or men with large sizes up to 2XL available.

Design 3: Death’s Head Ninja


You’re a badass on the keyboard. Wear a t-shirt that makes you feel like a badass! I mean, c’mon. Katanas, shurikens, and skulls with nerd glasses, amirite? A sweet shoulder print on a Dark Charcoal Gray tee, this design comes on a heavyweight 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabric. Available in standard adult tee shirts that will fit women or men with large sizes up to 2XL available.

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Image Credit: Ninja Girl by Crycks, Creative Commons.

Eric Z Goodnight is an Illustrator and Stetson-wearing wild man. During the day, he manages IT and product development for screenprinted apparel manufacturing; by night he creates geek art posters, writes JavaScript, and records weekly podcasts about comics.

  • Published 05/9/12

Comments (29)

  1. beastfellow

    Keyboard Ninja is used by google once for their shortcut experts.

  2. vignum

    use the hot chick in the main photo instead

    if you want me to notice something,hot asian girl with exposed stomach and ninja sword would do it

    have her email me!!

  3. Ken Deemer

    I like them all, but I think Stealth with a Ninja!
    #3 is simply Bad Ass!
    Ninja Please!

  4. Grant

    If you use the 8-bit design, shouldn’t there be 4 function keys down the right side instead of 8 across the top?

  5. 99er

    I personally like the third one, but they all are great submissions.

  6. Ark

    Is it just me or does design #3 look like it is not centered?

    it kinda bothers me..

  7. Tyler

    Design #1 looks great, and looking at the keyboard ‘Dvorak FTW!’

  8. Rob

    And no one thought about an anthropomorphic keyboard dressed as a ninja, and no words?

  9. h4teuvm

    Use pic with the hot ninja chic, but replace the katana with her holding a slim type keyboard. :)

    First one – good for gamers because they tend to destroy their keyboard in frustration
    Third – my choice – the skull, eyeglasses (like i wear), cool sword & gray shirt color (not flashy to catch attention). I couldn’t ask for more

  10. Bob

    @Ark – they are all photoshopped – who knows what the final version will be like

    Vote Death’s Head!!!

  11. Bob

    @h4teuvm – Its photoshopped – they brightened the image so you could see the design

  12. dbam

    +1 for centering the skull in #3.

  13. dbam

    oh wait…that is just gimp-magic!
    hopefully the final shirt will have this problem solved

  14. Manav

    voted for design #3
    although all of them are good

  15. chris

    probably the third one, the first one is cool too
    you should make a poster of the ninja girl in the top picture

  16. lizbit

    design 3 rocks

  17. HowardH

    i really really like that ninja girl, why cant they put her on a t shirt?i would buy one, just send me an email how to geek people and you made a sale

  18. blaw138

    On the front: Keyboard in the shape of a throwing star rounding it’s way at you. Just been thrown by super-hot skimpy Ninja outfitted Anime girl proportioned with depth perception behind the throwing star. Oh, with glowing red demon eyes, of course! ;o)

  19. Stefan

    I like the first one a lot, is easily shows a ninja and a keyboard, and screams Keyboard Ninja right at you. The second shirt is also pretty awesome, a little bit too bright for my taste though. I don’t like the third one at all personally, it’s focus is on a skull with glasses which doesn’t seem ninja to me. A katana is ninja-like, but a little to universal to pin down to a ninja imo. Due to the text shading I was barely able to read it without squinting, and I only saw the ninja star at the last second as it blends in with the banner.

    I voted shirt #1, and shirt #2 as runner up, I think that one is really clever.

  20. Sandie

    I may be missing something, but I don’t see a radio button to vote. The old-fashioned way, #3 with a close 2nd #1

  21. RLC

    Just to throw in my opinionated 2 cents. I’m not big on logos on the front of t-shirts. How about a pocket T with a smaller logo on the pocket or the larger logo on the back.

    btw, I liked 2 and 3, but would definitely BUY #3 with a small logo on a pocket T.

  22. jeorgekabbi

    no one of the three. can we get the picture of that nice girl instead ?

  23. nonosh

    Design 2 please!

  24. Lola

    The Ninja Girl at the top in the advertisement.

  25. dg

    what’s the difference? what is, is!!….

  26. bollocks

    Looking closer at the hot girl’s sword, it’s not a katana, but a ninjaken.

  27. ProstheticHead

    For me, the Death’s Head Ninja one is tops. But only because of the geek glasses, it’d be lame otherwise.

  28. 888110

    In fact, i want that girl-ninja-Tshirt

  29. Sharon

    If you use design 2 even women will want the tee shirt.

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