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Google Docs Adds 450+ Fonts and Over 60 New Document Templates

Are you an avid user of Google Docs for all of your document and presentation work? Then you definitely have good reason to celebrate the latest updates to Google Docs! This week Google announced the addition of hundreds of new fonts and over sixty new templates to their online office suite.

To add and/or manage your fonts go to the Font Selection Menu and click on Add Fonts.

Once you have accessed the fonts list simply click on a font listing to add or remove it from your Fonts Selection Menu. Click OK when finished.

To enjoy the latest template goodness click on the From template… listing when creating a new document.

Visit the blog post linked below to see all the details about the new additions to Google Docs!

April in Review: New fonts galore and other fresh features [via CNET News]

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  • Published 05/3/12

Comments (6)

  1. John

    This isn’t available for existing documents, what a fail.

  2. Asian Angel

    @John – While the new templates might be a problem on existing documents, the fonts can be applied to all documents new and old…

  3. Paolo

    Does anybody know if Google Docs has a spell checker in other languages (i.e. Italian). This is the only reason why I am still hangin on onto MS Word.
    I have not used Google Docs before, any words of wisdom about compatibility with people using MS Word?
    Any info would be very much appreciated.

  4. Marie

    Google docs seem SO SLOW. Any fixes for that would be most welcome. Other programs go at a reasonable speed, but any google docs I use, just seem to crawl along.

  5. Citrus Rain

    I never have any issues with it being slow… I think it’s at least 5-10x faster then libre/open office.

  6. Grizzle

    G docs is as quick as your Internet connection you goose Marie

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