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Point-by-Point Comparison of Free Cloud Storage Services

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If you’re looking for a cloud-based storage service, this handy overview will help you pick which one is the best fit for your needs.

At Freeware Genius they’ve rounded up a collection of cloud storage solutions and compared them based on factors like initial free storage, max storage, OS support for desktop apps and mobile apps, number of supportive devices, and so on. They even detail why certain services were excluded (such as lack of a desktop folder syncing app).

Hit up the link below to explore their chart.

Comparison of Free Cloud Storage Services [Freeware Genius]

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  • Published 05/2/12

Comments (19)

  1. PhilBro

    I’m up to 23GB in Dropbox for free so I probably won’t be changing anytime soon. I tried Google Drive but they still don’t allow offline file editing. Until they offer that I will stick with SyncDocs to sync GDocs with my Desktop.

  2. Cambo

    What I don’t understand is why they allow offline editing in the Android Drive app, but not on the Web Interface. The only way, is to download it. But then if you download it, and edit it locally, you’ve now got 2 versions. One local, and one in the Drive.

    Hopefully they’ll clarify this going forward.

  3. TheFu

    A key thing for me is to encrypt everything before cloud storage use.

    Should we don’t trust any of these “services” to hold data and not look inside or share it with other, unknown, organizations.

    Perhaps not?

  4. Shimon

    I just checked again, and Dropbox still says:
    For every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, we’ll give you both 500 MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 16 GB)!

    Can you explain how you got 23 for free? I would love to also!

  5. vgamesx1

    most likely from doing holiday events and such that they usually have about once every few months per year.
    and also good chance it could be an older account.
    I have about 5GB because I got a few but not many referrals.

  6. grayscale00

    2 GB – Free
    16 GB – Referrals
    3/5 GB – Camera Uploads (3 if use it now, 5 when it was still in beta)
    1 GB – Dropquest 2011
    640(?) MB – Social networking stuff

    That’ll give you around 22-26GB free.

  7. Dan

    I would vote for Wuala.

    -You can boost yourself to 18GB of free space at day one with using these promotion codes:


    -Everything is encrypted and only you have the password. Pretty important with the privacy flaws running around these days.

    -Nice desktop client that you can set easily your Data&Cache folder to a truecrypt container for maximum privacy.

  8. dwn

    Until Google Drive brings their ownership T&C in line with the industry thats a no for Drive. Of course, this has been an issue with Google since at least their first GMail account. :/

  9. dwn

    Glide looks like a pretty good secret – no file size limits, large storage space without having to go through the customer spamming route, and Linux support (as well as all the basics).

    I may have to give them a whirl.

  10. oss

    @Dan, where have I to insert the promotional codes?

  11. Dan

    @oss On the desktop client go to Tools -> Options -> Storage
    Or just press the “get more” link at the bot left of your desktop client again.

  12. Ann Marie

    Better read the TOS of Wuala before using any codes to gain additional storage!

    “(n) gain or attempt to gain online storage resources the Customer is not entitled to, including without limitation the use of a promotional code Customer is not eligible to use or the creation of multiple user accounts for the purpose of gaining additional online storage.”

  13. bobro

    Im a drop boxer…. I love it the software and service is perfect as far as i am concirned.. have 7GB storage on it already, signed parents up for it and sisters, so co workers and friends, even some customers…
    But this chart is making me think i should go somewhere else, but that would mean either 2 cloud storages to manage or disconnecting from all these people i share folders with!

    decisions decision…

  14. dwn

    Turns out Glide expects you to work through their web portal for your mobile needs, which is not really what I think most people would hope for. Too bad, since the “no bulls**t” philosophy with 30GB of storage was kinda nice.

  15. Gab

    Great article!

    I’ve been searching for the best cloud service for my personal use for a few weeks now and I totally agree with the others here that suggested adding information about privacy, encryption and security of the cloud services. This is my main concern while trying to choose a cloud service…

    Another important thing is the physical location of the provider’s servers. We all heard the stories about the Patriot Act that allows USA authorities to get whatever data that is on a server in the USA. So if the provider can decrypt your data and is in the USA… well that can be a problem to some people.

    Also, there’s another provider that I found in my search that is not on the list and answer to all requirements and it’s HubiC by the French hosting company OVH.

    But again, good job! I’m looking forward to read any improvement and additional information that will be added in the future.

  16. Shimon

    I tried to look into hubiC, but their website does not seem to have anything in English. I understand that they are a French company, but I would expect a version in English if they are really interested in attracting customers from the rest of the world.

    Is there an English URL too, or do you just happen to know French?

  17. Gab

    I tried to find an English version of their website without success. It’s a fairly new service so it may explain why it’s not available yet in English. And my main language is French so yeah, you can say that I happen to know French… ;)

    Hopefully they’ll have an English version in the near future…

  18. Voidable C

    I’ve been using dropbox and because of a few 500meg referrals and a being part of the beta digital picture promo, i’m up to about 14 gig.

    I’ve had a skydrive account since it came out, but rarely used it since at the time there was no app. I happened to log in the other day and was able to upgrade to 25gig for free for some reason. 0_0. Being a long time customer or some such. Made me scratch my head for a sec, but whatever, if it’s free its for me.

    Now that there is a skydrive program for my comps and app for my iphone & ipad, I use them both.

    One big limitation with skydrive is the 2gig max file size. Booo!!!

  19. Herbert David

    I think Google has taken over the market when it comes to cloud storage; not only do they offer more features than any of the competitors, but it’s insanely easy to get free space.

    Check this out for example; 1TB of absolutely free space on Google Drive:

    The video guides you through it, but it might be simpler to just write it out:
    1. Go to and download the program
    2. Use it
    3. Enjoy!

    It’s that simple really – and 1TB of space is EXTREME!

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