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This is the Flight Simulator Setup You were Looking For [Image]

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  • Published 05/1/12

Comments (27)

  1. Rob

    However, is NOT the radiation dose i’m looking for! ;)

  2. Doc

    Agreed. LCD FTW.

  3. Uhmar

    The image is probably a decade old. Look at all the hardware. ;)

  4. anybodysguess

    Surprised nobody noticed the desktop joystick strapped to the chair! o_O

  5. Irish_IT

    I wonder how much power it takes to power that behemoth? And are the crashes more realistic? lol

  6. Kennymatic

    Where are the lazers??

  7. Dave

    More heat and rads that I care for. There are a couple of LCDs in there.. Guessing cost per hour to run this is higher than flying the ultra-lite??

  8. EKMA

    calendar says 2012…

  9. nidzo

    2 hours with this and you will get cancer.

  10. Nifu

    The heat and rads are an issue in this setup. But in a few years, 1 big wrap-around OLED screen will make the basic idea possible and maybe cheaper.

  11. Nifu

    I noticed the joystick and that the user is right-handed. Left, but no right side arm rest.

  12. Nifu

    Anyone know what that yellow jar on the right is?

  13. anybodysguess

    I believe all of them are crt.

  14. Doc


  15. lizbit

    O my word, besides the radiation burn which I think is what the yellow bottle is for, full of anti radiation pills, what I can’t figure is how did he set up the display, really I want to know anyone got an answer.

  16. KarelZ

    yellow jar on the right > vitamine (C) pills

  17. Little John

    All the computers are running XP, 3 1/4 floppy drives, Calendar dated 199? or 200? (other words about 10 years ago). The systems look like school surplus, other words he paid basement dollars for equipment. The machines are custom build or cheap, could be Compaq since they used white cases.

    I notice most the computer’s cases had their left side panel removed.

  18. ichido

    I could never fly that.
    It has no ‘Loud Handles’!

  19. ichido

    lizbit, the answer to your question is:

    I counted at least 7 PCs. If each PC has the same Sim/Game running on each, just get each PC’s aircraft into the same Flight Position and Status, then change the View to show one of the Monitors showing that particular view, then pause it. Now go to Sim #2 on PC #2 and set up the next monitor with a slightly different View on Pause it again, Then PC #3, PC #4, etc. Until all of the monitors are showing the correct View of the 7 different PCs each running 1 of the 7 separate Sims, remember, they are all in Pause Mode, then take this photo.
    Can this be done while in “Flight Mode”, No!.

  20. nidzo

    @ICHIDO maybe he could connect the joystick with all computers and fly the simulations at the same time.

  21. Andrew

    That is an old pic’, remember seeing it a good while back. That is a Wideview setup – more detail here…

    If you check the specs you can guage just how old…

  22. TrevorD777

    Please lets just laugh at the pic, and smile saying “Yes I know that there was/is/will be some GEEK out there who would be that desperate to get the in-your-face sim reality” and no turn it into a logistics conferance.

    But I do think that when 3D TV tech has crossed (back) over to our Monitors then any serious sim game veiwed on 3 monitors is going to rock!

  23. MrWild

    RE 3D and 3 Monitors:
    … and then someone come up behind you and taps you on the Shoulder and scares the living daylights out of you!

  24. ichido

    I did laugh, then I started to Drool…. Then my Drool turned to tears when I realised how it was done.
    I was in no way putting it down, it just that some asked how it was possible.
    Excellent Work!!! Bravo!!!
    The Instrument Panel appears to be from a Sail-plane/Glider.
    Again, Awesome Job!!!
    That photo is Now My DESKTOP Wallpaper!

  25. ichido

    You might have something there!
    Should I use Yarn, String, Old CAT5 Cables or Sticks and a Hot Glue Gun? :-)

  26. David

    @nidzo The joystick could be cross connected but keeping the computers in sync would be a major problem, even if the computers were identical (which these clearly are not).

  27. michael

    @ichido, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    This is most likely a FlightGear setup ( FlightGear is a free, open-source flight simulator that does indeed allow you to connect together as many PCs as you want and set up each one with a different “point of view”. One master PC runs the main flight simulator, and all of the others receive constant updates of the position and orientation of the simulated plane, allowing them to generate the coordinated screen images in real time, while in “Flight Mode”, Yes!

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