Hack an IKEA Lack Table Into a Simple Light Box

This simple light box, perfect for photography and art projects, is a modified IKEA side table–is there anything the humble Lack table can’t be hacked into?

Instructables user TheBunnyKingOfNoWhere, writes:

I have wanted a lightbox for years, I live in a small flat and don’t have the space to store a large lightbox. I decided to build a photo/tracing lightbox into my Ikea coffee table. I picked up all of the equipment on ebay and put the whole lot together in a couple of hours. The table is an Ikea ‘Lack’ and cost about £5, they come in many different colours.

If you went with a white Lack table and sized the acrylic to cover the entire surface, it would blend in almost perfectly. Hit up the link below for more info on the build.

DIY Lightbox Build with Ikea Lack Table [via IKEA Hackers]

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