Videos Near Me Showcases YouTube Videos Near Your Geographic Location

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By Jason Fitzpatrick on April 25th, 2012

Videos Near Me is a simple web-app that combines your geographic location (or whatever location you select) with the GPS coordinates of YouTube videos, generating a videos-shot-here playlist in the process. It’s a fun way to see what’s been shot around you.

We’ll be honest, when we tested the web app we were fully expecting a giant playlist of skateboard videos shot by high school kids and other random stuff from YouTube shot around town. While we found some of that, what topped the list was really interesting content shot around the location we selected; including a commencement address by J.K. Rowling, and a series of videos by a Boston-based sustainable living organization.

Hit up the link below to try it out; it will default to the geographic location returned by your IP address but you can easily move the Google Maps marker pin around the map to a new location.

YouTube Videos Near Me [via Digital Inspiration]

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  • Published 04/25/12
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