Microsoft launched its new SkyDrive desktop app which is set to compete head-to-head with Dropbox and Google Drive. Here’s how to sync folders that are outside of your SkyDrive folder.

Using a Reparse Point

Known as the Soft Link to some, a Symbolic Link is the most common form of reparse point. Luckily for us Windows Vista and later include a command line utility, called mklink, which can be used to manage symbolic links. In order to create a symbolic link we first need to find your SkyDrive folder which, buy default, is located at:

C:\Users\”Your Username”\SkyDrive

This is also known as the %userprofile% environment variable, which makes it extra easy to create a symbolic link. So go ahead and fire up a administrative command prompt.

Now we need to use mklink to create a symbolic link, the syntax to link to a folder is:

mklink /d <link> <target>

For files we don’t need the “/d” switch so we can just use:

mklink <link> <target>

But as an added bonus we can use our environment variable, so we can do something like this:

mklink /d “%userprofile%\SkyDrive\Music” C:\Music

Above I created a symbolic link that points to the Music folder on the root of my “C” drive. This means that any files I put into that folder will be automatically uploaded to my SkyDrive, you can check this by looking at your SkyDrive.

As you can see my symlink is there and functioning just as we expected. That’s all there is to it, happy symlinking

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