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Soldering Is Easy: A Free Comic-Style Guide to Soldering and Beginning Electronics

If you’ve been meaning to learn how to solder in order to start tackling some fun and interesting projects, Soldering Is Easy will get you started.

Courtesy of Mitch Altman, Andie Nordgren, and Jeff Keyzer, the creative-commons licensed comic guide covers the basics of soldering in an accessible way. Hit up the link below to grab a copy in a variety of print sizes, as a PDF or MOBI, or the original 300DPI page images.

Soldering Is Easy [via Geek Dad]

Jason Fitzpatrick is a warranty-voiding DIYer who spends his days cracking opening cases and wrestling with code so you don't have to. If it can be modded, optimized, repurposed, or torn apart for fun he's interested (and probably already at the workbench taking it apart). You can follow him on if you'd like.

  • Published 04/20/12

Comments (3)

  1. r

    ‘Soldering’ …fun for the whole family !!!

  2. bubbles

    I tried the 300dpi images, and the pdf. I couldn’t read either one. Nice idea though.

  3. John

    I usually loathe when people say this, but felt the strange urge to utter it: “woot!” ! xD I have been interested in electronics for awhile; this guide looks useful. I also realized I cannot bloody stand marketing branding rubbish. I like technology and programming. ahh…this site angered me for awhile b/c it was/is so successful, but it’s content is definitely refreshing a bit. Someone also recommended Mimms or mims or somethign rather for beginning electricity concepts. Never got into that one despite it’s repute.

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