Once a week we round up three reader tips to share; this week we’re looking at how to insert separators into Windows 7 jumplists (no software or hacks needed), a powerful file renaming app for Windows, and a clever way to make LED ice balls for parties.

Inserting Separators Into Windows 7 Jumplists

Oliver writes in with a clever jumplist tweak that requires no software or complicated edits:

1. Create a new folder & call it “____________________________________” (36 underscores)

2. Right click on it > Open folder location

3. Right click on it > Properties > Customise > Change icon…

4. Choose the first blank icon & click OK twice

5. Drag the folder to the windows explorer icon on the taskbar

6. Drag the separator to the right place

The only catch is that to create more than one separator, you will need multiple folders as you cannot pin the same folder twice.

We love a tweak that doesn’t require any sort of heavy lifting or add-ons. Nice work!

Super Charge Your File Renaming with Bulk Rename Utility

Rick writes in with the following tip:

I read the tip Quick File Renaming in Windows 7.  I would like to add a suggestion that readers download and try the Bulk Rename Utility which has server logic options you can add to renaming your file, including Creation Date, Modified Date, etc. It can remove as much ad as little text from the current name as you want, and it can number the files in decimal or roman numerals. This utility comes in both 32-bit and 16-bit.

Although we’ve mentioned the tool before, it’s such a powerful and useful tool we’re happy to give it a little more attention. Thanks for writing in Rick!

LED Ice Balls for Coolers and Drink Bins

Bart writes in with the following tip:

I saw your article about the floating LED capsules made out of PVC pipe this morning. I wanted to share a sweet Instructable I found last year that shows you how to make LED ice balls. I made a bunch for a party and put them in the ice chest, in the buckets of ice with the bottles, and floated a few in the punch bowl. Everyone loved them!

We’re of the position that everything could use more LEDs and, thanks to you, we’ve found a way to put them in the punch. We’re also going to file this frozen-ball-of-LED-light trick away for some sweet Igloo lighting come next winter.

Have a tip or trick to share? Shoot us an email at tips@howtogeek.com and then look for your tip on the front page!

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