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How to Tweak the New Multi-Monitor Taskbar in Windows 8 or 10


For years, users have wondered why on earth Microsoft wouldn’t make the taskbar customizable and usable across multiple monitors. Luckily Windows 8 and 10 include a new feature that makes it much better. Here’s a quick look for those that haven’t already seen them.

The new Taskbar in Windows 8 (and Windows 10) finally spans multiple monitors, and can be customized so that the taskbar buttons on each monitor are the buttons for windows open on that monitor. You can also make both taskbars show all windows if you choose.

Tweaking the Multi-Monitor Taskbar

To access the new settings, head into Taskbar Properties by right-clicking on the Taskbar and choosing Properties. Once there, you’ll see the “Multiple displays” section at the bottom of the dialog, where you can quickly check the box to enable or disable showing the taskbar across displays.


The “Show taskbar buttons on” drop-down lets you choose where the buttons appear. For example, the screenshot at the beginning of this article was from the primary Taskbar, and this one is from the Taskbar on the second monitor:


Want to make bigger taskbar buttons on the second monitor? You can also change the “Buttons on other taskbars” setting.


It’s all very simple, and you’ve probably already come across this if you’ve spent more than a few minutes in Windows 8 or 10… but for those that haven’t, it’s great to know that Windows finally gives us a multi-monitor taskbar.

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  • Published 04/17/15

Comments (10)

  1. Citrus Rain

    Maybe 10 years from now, computers in big companies will be able to use this feature.

    I wonder if windows will claim it as “their idea”

  2. DaFoo

    Windows is an OS, it can’t “claim” anything. But if you mean Microsoft, they’re not Apple. They don’t claim they invented something when they actually just stole it from some other company.

  3. George

    i hate everything (pretty much) of windows 8

  4. ejmfoley

    What is with you guys telling us how to do something on an operating system that isn’t available for purchase yet? By the time it actually goes on sale, everyone but the hard core tech people who downloaded a beta version will have long forgotten about articles like this. And for all you know, the features you are discussing won’t be there, or will be completely different.

  5. Braden

    DaFoo, you mean the way Apple didn’t steal Siri and claim it as their own?

  6. jennifer

    Good to know about the How to Tweak the New Multi-Monitor Taskbar in Windows 8

  7. Ben

    @ejmfoley the obvious answer is that it’s for the benefit of the people using Windows 8 right now. Articles on the internet don’t disappear once they slip off the front page. Anyone who needs this advice later will be able to search HowToGeek to find it. So it makes no difference whether they do it now or later, except that there is demand for it now.

  8. RonV42

    Yes this is a great feature. Found it out the day I installed the consumer preview.

  9. Arston

    + this is HowToGeek. It just makes sense most of the people around to be what you call “hard core tech people”. Even though I think you don’t have to be one to have downloaded/tried the beta.

    Back on topic this is one of the small things that I find tempting about Windows 8. But there are too many that I don’t… I’ll wait for it to come out of beta to make my mind about it.

  10. Gillis

    I’m in Windows 7 Home premium is there a charge to get into Windows 8 ?

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