Once a week we round up some reader tips and share them with the greater How-To Geek audience. This week we’re looking at speedy file renaming in Windows 7, fast access to bookmarks in Android, and a neat GPS-based todo list.

Rename Files Sequentially and Quickly in Windows 7

Christoph writes in with following renaming tip:

If you want to sequentially rename files really fast in Windows 7, all you have to do is highlight them and hit F2 to rename them the first one and hit enter. The files will be renamed somename (1).ext and so on. It’s really handy for bulk renaming vacation photos and what not.

That is a handy trick, Cristoph, thanks for sharing!

Add Android Bookmarks to Your Home Screen for Fast Access

Mark writes in with the following Android tip:

This might be common knowledge for most, but I just found it out playing with my phone while waiting for a tardy client. You can stick bookmarks right on the home screen! I can’t believe how much time I’ve wasted opening my browser, opening the bookmarks, and clicking on the link I wanted to visit. I’ve filled an entire home screen panel with my most frequently accessed web pages.

We’re pretty sure there are people who are unaware of this trick. Even those who know about it could use a reminder of how useful it is to slap a URL shortcut right down on the home screen.

TodoNearby Links Your GPS and Todo List

Hank writes in with the following todo-list tip:

I’ve been using a neat Android app for a few months now called TodoNearby. It links your todo list with the GPS coordinates of the location for that todo (like the place you need to buy it, or drop it off, or whatever). Apparently it’s under review for the Android Market so the coder has the direct download link down on his site. You can check out this page and email him and he’ll send you a beta copy. I’ve been using the beta this whole time and it works great!

Linking the location of the task to the reminder for the task is clever, thanks for sharing!

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