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Where is ‘That Key’ Located At? [Humorous Comic]

Sigh…looks like it is going to be another long day…

Press any key when ready… [via Reddit]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 04/11/12

Comments (12)

  1. bobro

    this is an old old joke…

    i worked for a company called Time in the UK, on returns i remember getting people sending their PC’s back to us padded by DIRTY laundery! one was padded with a door mat!! who does this!! one only had cornflakes boxes sticky taped to the side, no box!

    We got one returned and inside the laptop box was a few bricks!!

    the worst was the PC that was returned with a dead crab inside!!!

    on the phone help desk we had one guy say the peddle wasnt working (standing on the mouse!)
    one woman asked us how to use it and in the end we worked out she had not bought a monitor for the PC and was mearly turning the unit on and looking at it!

  2. Grant

    I had a guy who had the “any key” problem. I chalked it up to a momentary lapse, and assumed that he missed tat it meant any key. He and I had a chuckle as he realized what it meant, and my day went on. A week and a half later. the same guy called with the same problem. I went to his office with my black marker and wrote “ANY” across his space bar. Probably not the most tactful solution.

  3. xana452

    Have a quote: “I couldn’t find the ‘any’ key, and e-machines told me to go **** myself.”
    That’s from a youtube video on Mac users…

  4. Ellinor


    I lol’d so hard.

  5. lizbit

    we all have our days, I work in IT and just this morning was trying to fix a network problem and kept pinging myself instead of the server, took about three tries before the coffee kicked in and all f a sudden the lights went on

  6. gifi4

    Simpsons, an episode (A long time, hard to remember) Homer was working from home and started the computer, it said press any key, “Where’s the any key” and then he was like “I want a tab” and then “No time for that, the computer is starting”

  7. Pierre

    The “classic” one, in our parts, is the client complaining about the cup holder being broken…

  8. SuffolkSilver

    There was the one about the techie who asks the girl “What is on your screen now?” Only to get the response. “It’s a teddy bear my boyfriend gave me”

  9. Hunter

    These situations always crack me up!

    What I like is explaining to a bank employee over the phone that all he needs to do is *re-dial* the same document he just faxed 5 minutes ago because it did not come through correctly. He demanded to speak with my wife (the intended recipient) who happened to be at work at the time to get authorization.

    I had to yell at him non-stop for 2 minutes before he got a supervisor on the phone to understand the complications of “re-dial” and send the same document he just sent.

    The stupervisor had the same mentality. Demanded to speak with my wife when all they had to do was *RE-DIAL THE SAME F***ING FAX NUMBER” and simply resend it. After yelling these very simple instructions: 1. Press redial. 2. Insert same document. 3. Press “start”, he finally understood it. Took me three times to yell it to him, but finally the coffee kicked in for him too.

    I’ve never had to yell at anyone like that before.

  10. Jonathan

    My favorite story is of the help desk calmly taking the time to walk through and trouble shoot why a customer’s screen was not displaying information. After checking all cords and buttons on the monitor the help desk asked the client to ensure the monitor was plugged into the wall. The client said I can’t tell its too dark in the room to see behind the desk. The help desk said go ahead and turn on a light. The client responded that the lights won’t come on because the buildings power is out. Quickly the help desk said carefully pack up your computer and send it back to the factory. The client said is it that bad. Help Desk says yes really bad you are too stupid to own a computer.

  11. SudoBash

    Yes this is funny, but I would think it not so if you had to deal with it and not A) lose your temper B) laugh C) go insane.

  12. E.W.

    I used to write help tutorials. I got used to writing “Press Any Of The Keys On Your Keyboard” , for those who couldn’t find the ‘any’ key.

    Used to be, “tap the space bar”, but that opened a whole new can of worms… or beer.

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