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Bing Desktop Automatically Downloads Bing Wallpapers to Your Computer

Windows 7: Bing Desktop is a new and lightweight offering from Microsoft that automatically swaps your desktop background every day and offers quick access to the Bing search engine.

In addition to downloading the Bing wallpaper, Bing Desktop also includes a small search box that allows you to search Bing from your desktop–although most users will likely grab the app simply to get the daily wallpaper update.

Hit up the link below to download a copy. Bing Desktop is free, Windows 7 only.

Bing Desktop [via Quick Online Tips]

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  • Published 04/11/12

Comments (9)

  1. Cambo

    Isn’t this just a throwback to the “Active Desktop” days?

  2. r

    ….Bing !

  3. DaFoo

    Active Desktop was never lightweight.

  4. Ushindi

    I have over 500 scenic wallpapers downloaded to my “Wallpaper” library and the control panel cycles through them, one every 30 seconds. I’ve also built up a “Steampunk” wall library and a “Zelda” (as well as a Christmas themed, Thanksgiving, Halloween, etc.)
    Seems simpler this way, at least as far as Widows 7 is concerned, or am I missing something?

  5. Ushindi

    Forgot to mention that the time interval can be adjusted in the Control Center, of course – I just happen to like the change at 30 seconds. They can be changed once a day, an hour, whatever is preferred.

  6. r

    ….Bing !

  7. PicksNits

    What Control Center?
    Amazing how many different types of things Google brings up. I’m looking for something like that though. Have a link? Thanx.

  8. DaFoo

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he’s talking about Control Panel, the native options available in Windows 7. I know you can set the wallpaper to cycle at different intervals from the customize menus.

  9. Ushindi

    Yes, I/he/Ushindi meant the control panel. Just link/highlight all your walls, right click and choose “Set As Desktop Background”, then set the duration in the control panel under “Change Desktop Background”. Sorry for any confusion.

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