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Understanding Photography Lighting with a Single Egg [Video]

In this informative video, veteran photographer Joe Edelman demonstrates the basics of photography lighting with a humble egg.

An egg is an excellent shape for experimenting with and studying lighting because the curved surfaces provide a nice clean gradient to study how the light wraps and falls as you move around the light source. Check out the video above to see Edelman’s full demonstration of the humble egg as a photography teaching tool.

[via DIY Photography]

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  • Published 04/9/12

Comments (7)

  1. LastLifeLost

    Very cool concept. Wish the audio quality were better, though!

  2. Thom Leonard

    Thank you for that as many pieces make a photo it is Lighting, lighting, lighting that defines the end result. Just like in Real Estate, Location ditto ditto.

  3. r

    …this makes it all worthwhile cuz eggs are good food.

  4. JC

    I mostly ignore eggs, but never lighting. Rule of thirds, depth of field, can often be ignored without too much damage, but ignore lighting? 99% of the time NO. Understand this concept and your photos’ll be much more appealing.

  5. te55

    I mostly ignore concepts, because they hinder my raw talent.

  6. r

    Ha…I mostly ignore lighting whilst unconscious.
    I also wonder if he regularly talks to his egg when he goes home at night.

  7. rockyjohn

    Thanks for sharing the information.Understanding Photography Lighting with a Single Egg [Video]

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