Once again, there’s a major new version of Digsby, the multi-protocol instant messenger client that works pretty well… if you can deal with some of their unethical past. Last year, we told you to be careful not to install junk software when installing Digsby, then we figured out that Digsby had joined the dark side, and started using your PC to make money without giving you a real choice in the matter.

They partially repented of their ways, making things a bit more transparent—and we’re happy to have pushed them towards the light… but their installer still leaves crapware checked by default, so users that don’t know any better are installing worthless toolbars and allowing Digsby to use their PC for research projects.

First, during the install there’s a screen where you’ll need to uncheck BOTH boxes to keep from installing the absolutely pointless Ask Toolbar. (Seriously, who would want that?)

Then, on the very last screen, make absolutely certain that you UNCHECK the two boxes at the bottom, which are checked by default. These settings let Digsby use your PC to make money with research projects, and give them your revenue from ad clicks.


I’m sick and tired of opt-out installations that bury this stuff in the installer—to take advantage of those who are less tech-savvy. It’s a pathetic business model, and everyone who does it should be ashamed.

Download Digs…   oh never mind. No link deserved. Personally I’m sticking with Pidgin.

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