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Which Browser is the Best to Use When Running Your Laptop on Battery Power?

Squeezing the maximum amount of usage time out of your laptop battery can be challenging at times…it all depends on the software you are using. One software we are all likely to be using is a browser to keep up with our online lives…

If your laptop is older, then getting the most out of your laptop’s aging battery is definitely a must. The good folks over at the 7 Tutorials blog have done a comparison test to see which browser is the gentlest on your laptop’s battery and the results may surprise you. You can view the results by visiting the link below…

Had better (or worse) luck with one of the browsers tested? Then make sure to share the results with your fellow readers in the comments!

Test Comparison: Which Browser Will Make Your Laptop’s Battery Last Longer? [7 Tutorials]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 04/5/12

Comments (26)

  1. neophilo

    In Linux, one vote for w3m :)

  2. Doc

    They just went over this a day or two ago on Lifehacker…for a Windows laptop, IE9 seems to give the best battery life..but then the frustration of using a crappy browser will make me shut off the laptop in any case. My vote is for Firefox, with the extensions that help me get things done quicker. :)

  3. Khai

    Of course not Chrome. Maybe Firefox or Opera.

  4. miki


  5. Citrus Rain

    I knew it was going to say IE.

    When IE9 came out, Microsoft said they designed it to be power saving.

    Since that wasn’t something that I would have expected, I figured they had no reason to lie on that front. They sounded truthful about this.

  6. r

    …the best one is any one that works

  7. cd-r prince

    I go for Opera because it has a built-in option to disable Flash which can help in better battery life.
    I hate Flash because it’s a battery sucker.

    My second vote goes to Internet Explorer 9 because it has several options that’s tied within Windows power plans.

  8. Indronil

    I have debian with lxde
    and i use Firefox and yes the performance is not that bad

  9. Thomas


  10. cam2644

    Firefox best – then Opera

  11. Andrew

    Firefox. IE9 still has compatibility issues so having to load Firefox when ie9 has issues sucks battery life having to spin the HDD to load another browser.

  12. Kamran

    East or West Firefox is Best.

  13. kurvers


  14. Ryan rvkin


  15. cityboy3

    I use IE and i don’t see where a lot of people talk bad about it. Firefox uses to many and-ons for me.Just Saying

  16. owen123

    Fair Enough IE won but when you get to use it with other programs installed you will spend most of the time holding the power button any way because of it crashing, thus probably using more battery turning on and off the PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. tommy2rs

    Since the author only used ONE laptop the title of the article should have been ” Which Browser Will Make MY HP Pavillion dv7 2185dx Laptop’s Battery Last Longer?” Different hardware would give different results so this test has little meaning to anyone not using an HP Pavillion dv7 2185dx. My old Toshiba dual core laptop (Vista, yes Vista) gets much better battery life with Firefox than any other browser based on my personal real world experience. I have five browsers on it including Safari. My old Asus eeePC (Crunchbang Linux) lasts longer with Chrome (gupdate disabled).

    And before the Vista haters get started, it’s crashed twice on me, both times caused by photoshop. Last crash was 3 years ago and other than travel, updates and severe weather it has seldom been off or rebooted.

  18. Bouvet

    When I use Windows, I use SRWare Iron or Comodo Dragon.
    When I use Linux, I use FF or Chrome.

  19. maria


  20. Kannan

    c h r o m e

  21. tech27

    Is SRWare Iron a safe browser ??? Because I really care for my privacy.

  22. BenTX

    Safari? ;)

  23. mark

    IE10 on WIn 8 is good, although Win 8 has 1/2 the battery life as 7 in general.

  24. jamesjoseph

    Chrome .It is really good.

  25. emar1000

    is it just me or is anyone else getting the same feeds over and over. I keep the ones I want and delete the others. This particular feed I have gotten six times

  26. Rakesh

    Yes Firefox is the best browser ..It is very easy to use

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