There may be times when you’ll want to create a Windows disc image file, to use with a virtual machine or for backup. Today we take a look at using ImgBurn to create an ISO from the physical disc.

Create ISO with ImgBurn

While there are several different utilities that will create an ISO, one of our favorites is ImgBurn. It’s free, let’s you create an ISO, and can burn about anything you want it to disc. To create an ISO open ImgBurn and select Create image file from disc from the main menu.

In the next step select the drive that contains the disc in this example it’s Windows 95, select the destination directory for the ISO, and select Read Speed. When everything looks good click on the Read button to begin the process.

ImgBurn starts converting the disc to an ISO image and you can view the progress and ImgBurn logs. You can choose what the disc does after the file is finished and can stop the process at any time if you need to as well.

Here we see the completed Windows 95 ISO that was created and we can begin using it on a virtual machine.

And it works! The ISO is fully functional and we can begin installing Windows 95 on a virtual machine (does this bring back memories or what).

Creating an ISO is an easy process with ImgBurn, in fact all of it’s features are really nice, it can burn almost any type of file to disc. If you’re looking for a way to convert your Windows CD/DVD into an ISO image, you might want to look at ImgBurn as it’s free and effective.

Download ImgBurn from Ninite