Once a week we round up some great tips from the tips box and share them with everyone. This week we’re looking at easy Amazon filler items, repairing the tab on Ethernet cable connectors, and a humorous data-security sticker.

FillerSeek Provides Easy Filler Finding for Amazon Free Shipping

Edward writes in with the following Amazon-centric tip:

As the last person on Earth without an Amazon Prime account, I find FillerSeek to be a handy tool. You get free shipping at Amazon when you spend $25. Normally I just bundle my purchases, but barring that FillerSeek makes it easy to find something in a category I’m interested in that is around the price I need to hit the $25 mark. I have to assume they pay their bills by getting some sort of Amazon Affiliate cut, but that’s cool with me because the service does what I need it to do!

We’re confident you’re not the last person on Earth without an Amazon Prime account so this tip is more than welcome; if other readers are using filler services like this we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Repair a Broken Ethernet Cable Using Zip Ties

Beth writes in with the following tip about saving a busted Ethernet cord:

Normally I’d just pull out my cabling kit and repair a broken cord, but when your kit isn’t handy but the cord is lose thanks to a busted tab, you gotta do what you gotta do. This Instructable saved the day for me last week and I thought I’d share. It’s not pretty, but it works!

Is there anything zip ties and duct tape can’t fix? Nothing worth saving, we say.

In Case of Emergency Drill Here

Sid writes in with the following security-centric tip:

This is more of a fun start-a-conversation-with-your-fellow-geeks kind of thing than a serious thing, but I had to pass it along. A friend of mine printed these stickers the other day and passed them around the IT department. In a real emergency you’d better hope you’ve got really good decryption or a pack of thermite on hand, but when you’re in a bind a power drill just might have to do!

Working in IT you know this all too well: if you’re planning on going mainstream with that sticker idea you’d better make sure to specify exactly what kind of emergency requires drilling.

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