The 50 Most Popular Geeky Humorous Images


With April Fool’s Day coming up, we thought we would compile a list of the best humorous images we’ve published on How-To Geek to provide some funny viewing.


01_windows_image_orig_tnAll of us have experienced frustration with Microsoft Windows. What if you can have a pillow showing the infamous Blue Screen of Death for times when you just need to crash?

For those of us old enough to remember using Windows 95, you can relive the “speedy” downloads of that time.

  1. The Glory Days of ‘High-Speed’ Downloads with Windows 95 [Humorous Image]
  2. Well, Was the Installation Successful or Not?! [Funny Image]
  3. Microsoft Pillows – For When You Just Need to Crash [Humorous Image]
  4. Windows is Experiencing Start Up Problems [Funny Image]

Web Browsers

02_web_browsers_orig_tnWe use web browsers every day. What would it look like if you installed every browser toolbar you are asked to install by the various software you put on your system? The “You can Never Have too Many Toolbars!” image below shows you an extreme case.

If you are a fan of other browsers besides Internet Explorer, you’ll appreciate “The New and Improved Version of Internet Explorer 9.”

  1. Firefox has Encountered an Unexpected Problem with Windows [Classic Funny Image]
  2. The New and Improved Version of Internet Explorer 9 [Funny Image]
  3. When Internet Explorer is Afraid of the Competition [Funny Image]
  4. You can Never Have too Many Toolbars! [Humorous Image]
  5. You Know Your Browser is Having a Bad Day When… [Funny Image]
  6. Firefox versus Chrome – Fight! [Humorous Image]
  7. Chrome got Excited and Could not Wait to Start Translating Webpages for You [Funny Image]
  8. Browser Wars – The Transportation Edition [Classic Funny Image]

Internet, Email, and Cloud Services

03_downloading_internet_orig_tnHave you ever thought what would happen if you tried to download the entire internet? OK, probably not, but “Downloading the Internet” below shows a very funny animated image depicting what might happen if you did.

You might feel old when you look at “A New Style of Age Verification for Websites” and remember actually using what is pictured there.

  1. A New Style of Age Verification for Websites [Humorous Image]
  2. Downloading the Internet [Animated Humorous Image]
  3. Gmail to the Rescue! [Funny Image]
  4. Waiting on Dropbox, Having a Snickers [Humorous Image]
  5. The Internet Lover’s 24 Hour Clock Chart [Funny Image]

Social Media

04_social_media_cropped_tnDepending on the state in which you live in the U.S., or which country, there might be a law either banning cell phone use while driving or requiring the use of a headset. Many states in the U.S. have banned texting while driving completely. When you look at the “Why Driving and Social Media do not Mix Well” image, you’ll understand why!

  1. Meanwhile on Spacebook [Funny Image]
  2. Why Driving and Social Media do not Mix Well [Funny Image]
  3. Why People Remove Tags on so Many Facebook Photos [Humorous Image]

IT and Networking

05_floppy_in_cd_drive_cropped_tnIf you work in IT, you’ve probably seen and heard all kinds of strange problems. Have you ever seen anyone put a floppy disk in a CD drive? The poor IT person in the “Just Another Routine Day in the IT Department” image has!

The “I.T. Agony Bingo” image shows you a game involving all kinds of comments you might hear from your customers.

  1. What Happens When You Choose the Wrong Computer for Remote Access [Humorous Image]
  2. Just Another Routine Day in the IT Department [Humorous Image]
  3. I.T. Agony Bingo [Humorous Image]
  4. Lesser Known Uses for Portals [Humorous Image]

Technical Support

06_tech_support_forums_cropped_tnMost of us have dealt with technical support at one time or another. Nowadays, a lot of support comes in the form of forums, and a lot of us can probably relate to the charts showing the different kinds of replies on technical support forums.

  1. How Different People View Tech Support [Humorous Image]
  2. What Really Happens a Lot of Times on Tech Support Forums [Humorous Image]


07_software_extensions_cropped_tnA lot of software today have extensions or add-ons that bring additional functionality to the program. Don’t you wish you could actually find an extension that provides the functions shown in the “The Software Extension every Office Worker Needs for Their Computer” image? It would certainly make life easier!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all programs were as polite as the program shown in the “At Least the Program Crashed Politely” image when they crashed?

  1. Shame on You! You got Caught Using a Pirated License Code [Humorous Image]
  2. The Software Extension every Office Worker Needs for Their Computer [Funny Image]
  3. I Have the PowerPoint [Funny Image]
  4. At Least the Program Crashed Politely [Humorous Image]


08_adaptception_cropped_tnWhen was the last time you cleaned out the inside of your computer? Your computer should never look like the one pictured in the “When There Really are ‘Bugs’ in the System.” Talk about “bugs”!

People can be very determined when they need to connect external media to a computer that doesn’t have the appropriate connection, as evidenced in “Persistence always Pays Off” and “Adaptception.”

  1. The Seven Deadly Keyboard Sins [Funny Image]
  2. Persistence always Pays Off [Funny Image]
  3. When There Really are ‘Bugs’ in the System [Humorous Image]
  4. The Negative Scanner [Humorous Image]
  5. Multi-Purpose Laptop Power Cords [Funny Image]
  6. Adaptception [Humorous Image]

Mobile Devices

09_battery_meter_cropped_tnNow that you’ve got the latest iPad, what do you do with your old iPad? Look at the “Uses for Your Old iPad” image for ideas!

The “The Truth About Battery Meters” image shows you how much time you actually have left according to the battery meter on your portable device, as opposed to what they tell you.

  1. What Harry Potter’s iPhone Screen Would Look Like [Funny Image]
  2. The Truth About Battery Meters [Humorous Image]
  3. Uses for Your Old iPad [Humorous Image]


10_old_school_gaming_orig_tnAre you a hard core gamer? Have you been playing computer games since the early days? The “Hardcore Old School Gaming Setup” image shows what an old school setup might have been like for a hard core gamer who took computer gaming very seriously.

Some of the links below take you to some funny images involving comic book characters and one link takes you to a comic-strip image showing how some high-tech TV shows really stretch the bounds of image enhancing to solve crimes.

  1. CSI: Modern Computer Technology at its Best [Humorous Image Comic]
  2. Playing Minecraft in Real Life [Humorous Image]
  3. Not Now, Skeletor! – Skeletor Invades Your Favorite Cartoons [Humorous Images]
  4. Hardcore Old School Gaming Setup [Humorous Image]
  5. Batman Monitors his Unread Messages with a Modified Batlight [Funny Image]
  6. Even the Flash has Bad Days [Humorous Image]


11_malware_iq_cropped_tnAre you a programmer? If so, you can probably relate to the “Monsters of the Programming World” image. There is also a link below the image to the full image which shows 20 different programming monsters.

Malware can be very smart in what it can accomplish on our computers without us knowing about it. However, the “When Malware has the IQ of a Rock” image shows a very dumb piece of malware that couldn’t even tell what kind of system it had invaded!

  1. Monsters of the Programming World [Humorous Image]
  2. When Malware has the IQ of a Rock [Humorous Image]
  3. The Ultimate Mac Hard Drive Repair Tool [Humorous Image]

The 20 Most Popular Humorous Images

12_credit_card_in_floppy_slot_orig_tnFinally, here are links to our 20 most popular humorous images.

  1. Awesome Wi-Fi Network Names [Humorous Image]
  2. Always Have an Answer on Hand with the IT Service Desk Wheel of Responses [Humorous Image]
  3. The Wrong Way to Get a Legal Copy of Microsoft Office [Humorous Image]
  4. How People see You when You Fix Their Computer versus Reality [Humorous Image]
  5. The 56 Different Types of Geek [Humorous Chart]
  6. This Mac is Good at Supporting Windows [Funny Image]
  7. The Best Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Ever [Humorous Image]
  8. The Perfect Use for Internet Explorer 10 [Humorous Image]
  9. Stormtrooper TK-421′s Desktop While He was Away from His Post [Fun Star Wars Image]
  10. That File Name Already Exists [Funny Image]
  11. Windows XP – The Pirate Bay Edition [Humorous Image]
  12. Death by Browser Toolbar Overload [Humorous Image]
  13. Windows can not Shut Down Yet [Humorous Image]
  14. You Know You have been Online too Long When this Warning Appears [Funny Image]
  15. Need more Cables! [Funny Image]
  16. How a Gamer Shops for Groceries [Humorous Image]
  17. Got Caught not Reading the EULA [Funny Image]
  18. How to Make Sure Your Roommate can Find the Firefox Icon [Funny Image]
  19. A Very Satisfying Windows Service Pack [Funny Image]
  20. The Wrong Way to do Online Shopping with a Credit Card [Classic Funny Image]

We hope you’ve had some good laughs!

Lori Kaufman is a writer who likes to write geeky how-to articles to help make people's lives easier through the use of technology. She loves watching and reading mysteries and is an avid Doctor Who fan.