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No Rush, Defragging that Drive can Wait [Humorous Image]

That drive is only fragmented a little bit…nothing to worry about there.

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You should defragment this volume. Ya think?! [via Fail Desk]

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  • Published 03/28/12

Comments (16)

  1. Thrush

    Probably not a good idea to attempt a defrag with only 1% free space.

  2. Edgar

    You should deffinitly run a sfc and then back up and then defrag regardless if its 0% whoever posted the last comment must not know much.

  3. Edgar

    Sorry no offense didnt mean it like that. But yes very important to clean registry also before doing and always make a back up

  4. Parker

    It’s not that the drive is completely fragmented… It’s that 210 of the drive’s 224 GB is taken up by a single file, shown in the Explorer window. That’s the real fail here.

  5. Lee

    What kind of file is that 220gb one?

  6. r

    a big one…looks like a txt or log file but then again it wouldn’t be .exe.exp. Could be something malicious or just annoyingly harmless.

  7. Anon

    Oh how much I mis XP’s defragmenter, it was a flawless tool. Win7 tool sucks. MyDefrag is a great tool to use.

  8. Matt Gerber

    You can tell that it’s only nerds who read this. Instead of laughing at the punchline, people are advising on whether there is enough free space to do the defrag. It’s a joke people.

  9. Hamburger

    I think Matt posted the real punchline….

  10. Hugh

    Try “defraggler” from the same company that makes “ccleaner”. Pretty sweet for a defrag program.

  11. Furry Canary

    Well said Matt Gerber. Alas, there’s nothing like the tag ‘humorous image’ when it comes to attracting comments from those with no sense of humour whatsoever.

  12. pamister

    The 220 gb disk is a piece of cake. Wait til the 20 terabyte drive come out. Bring your lunch and dinner for that one.

  13. tlgsim

    That’s why there is Mac OS X…

  14. godbolt

    Get a ssd drive then no need to defrag :-)

  15. puttagon

    why does the XP OS look so glossy? this is windows xp right?

  16. Rob Dunn

    puttagon – that’s the Windows Royale theme – Google’s got a bunch of places to get it from (legitimately)…

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