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The ‘Ultimate’ PC Cooling Setup [Funny Picture]

Ultimate PC Cooling System [via Reddit]

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  • Published 03/22/12

Comments (31)

  1. infmom

    We used to have a TV that we had to do the same thing with in warm weather. Not with the case off, of course.

  2. Ray

    Love it.

  3. ekoelle

    I actually had to do something similar to this with a server once while waiting for a replacement power supply whose cooling fan had crapped out.

  4. Tom

    Brilliant! :)

  5. r

    very charming, looks like a sweet place to work

  6. cal

    I have sooooo done that.

  7. Sue

    Very cool, Funny and Functional.

  8. Bruce

    Saves on a can of compressed air as well.

  9. Aurora900

    I’ve done that too… I mean, hey it works, why not? :P

    Except I didn’t tape it to the case, I just pointed it at the case…

  10. Doz

    I hooked up a garden hose to mine… it didn’t pan out as well as I had hoped.

  11. Rick


  12. WeaponX

    Am I the only one who noticed the fan is facing the wrong way?

  13. CMoon

    Really works!!!

  14. DaFoo

    @WeaponX, it’s either an intake fan or they switched the blade around within the fan’s casing.

  15. Morty

    For about two years, I had a Vornado fan strapped to my wide open case in a very similar fashion… Once I spilled cereal on the fan and it sprayed my mb with milk and cereal shards for that extra cooling effect

  16. Brian

    @WeaponX and DaFoo,

    I’m pretty sure it is facing the wrong way… but it’s a funny picture, and I would hope that they didn’t actually think it would work. I think it’s a bad thing to put on a site where there is a mixture of people who may or may not know what they are doing… it gives bad ideas. So for everyone out there… don’t try this at home! ;)

  17. Enthusiast


    If a fan is pushing air out (toward the front) and you manage to flip the blade over, the air still flows out. You would have to reverse the motor rotation to change from front to back.

  18. r

    it’s neither a practical intake or outtake fan. In order for that to work properly you need to correctly seat the cooling source inside the tower. Also, the case needs to be sealed correctly to provide proper air flow in and out of the unit. If this image is not a fake to begin with, the fan is just pushing lots of air and room dust into the computer, which will eventually do more damage.

  19. abhijitrucks

    brilliant!!! but did anybody wonder long would the tapes hole the *heavy* fan in place???

  20. Wayne Riker

    In the warmest months of summer, I’ll add a window fan to blow directly at my tower. It sometimes fails on a bootup or restart if it’s too hot. I won’t remove the case cover, though, lets in too much dust. And that would lead to over heating again.

  21. JackCrow
  22. Brad

    Oh, Lord, this brings back recent memories. I had to use a desk fan to cool down my older Dell Optiplex…they didn’t have an internal fan or power supply. Nice little system, but I love my new Lenovo tower, sans fan, much better!

  23. Doh

    I’ve had many cheap cases where they would stay cooler if you open the case. Ad long as you get the hot air OUT then whatever method you use is good enough. +1 for redneck cooling!

  24. Bill Q

    WeaponX: No, you’re not!

  25. hArLtRoN

    That is something else

    @JackCrow: Those are some pretty good pics. Definite win!

  26. vonvon

    wow extreme pc cooling :D

  27. roMAR PAOLMA

    really funny guys!!!! perhaps you should aircon your room for not just to cool your pc but also you!!! lol!!

  28. Brian

    Bottom line is that it doesn’t work in the real world, but it makes a funny picture. +1 on R.

  29. Micky

    Must have been Dell :D

  30. Tes21

    no, Hewlett-Packard, logo is on the top front of the case.

  31. Whumn

    It does work if you have a CPU and/or case failure. One friends of mine have tried it and it was a perfect replacement for CPU fan in a very humid and hot weather.

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