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Just Another Routine Day in the IT Department [Humorous Image]

There are days and then there are ‘DAYS’…

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You know it’s going to be a fun day when it begins with this. [via Fail Desk]

Akemi Iwaya is a devoted Mozilla Firefox user who enjoys working with multiple browsers and occasionally dabbling with Linux. She also loves reading fantasy and sci-fi stories as well as playing "old school" role-playing games. You can visit her on Twitter and .

  • Published 03/21/12

Comments (23)

  1. Garrett

    Another day, another floppy in the drive

  2. anybodysguess

    Or two disks in the drive, that happens all the time!

  3. Justin Garrison

    I get 2 disks pretty often but I’ve also had loose change in slot loading drives on MacBooks

  4. Jeremy

    Can’t say I’ve ever had this one before. I’ve had the old cup holder joke pulled, but most of the time people just forget to close the drive and end up snapping the tray off.

  5. UltimatePSV

    @Justin Garrison: That’s how you separate a Mac user from a PC user. (Haha, just kidding.)

  6. Prof

    Had that happen, will close, a teacher tried putting a cd in a floppy drive, ouch.

  7. Mrki

    @Prof Nice try. :)

  8. Rob

    Had a call from a user that the cd drive “ate” their disc once.

    technically, it did!

    a small form factor dell had the snap-in type optical drive tray like on notebooks… while pushing the tray back in to read a disc the user had pinched the edge of the disk making the opposite side go UP (the spindle was a fulcrum, y’know) and the disc actually went ABOVE the actual drive itself and slid inside of the case rather than into the drive mechanism.

    needless to say it was the one time a user claimed something like “my computer ate my disk” and it was actually accurate.

  9. r

    No, can’t say I ever had to repair something like this before.
    I guess all my clients have just been less stupid or something.

  10. LOL!


    I just use mine to hold my coffee.

  11. Anonymous

    At least it wasn’t oatmeal.

  12. Dave

    ditto on the tray snap, especially those units close to the floor/chairs

  13. Bruce

    User: Seriously, would it be that difficult to make a CD Drive that reads floppy disks?!!!
    Tech: Yes, yes it would.

  14. Mike

    A floppy disk? Come on, how far back in the archives did you have to dig to get that picture?

  15. Bob

    My wife didn’t think that was funny. “I can see how that might happen.”

  16. Frank

    I have a weird experience with a CD-ROM, I was formatting the computer and I leave it for a moment and suddenly I heard something explode and when I go back to check the progress on the PC, I noticed that it stops from working then I ejected the CD-ROM and the cracked CD showed up it turns into pieces and a big question mark ??? Comes into my head.

  17. Little John

    I have removed mouse(real furry type), couple Popsicle sticks, white power??, two pennies, and broken trays.

    Never saw floppy disk in a CD drive, a first for me.

    The mouse was dead. I never found how the mouse got into the drive in first place or why he went into drive. Maybe cat was chasing him??

  18. Daemon

    Wonder if the user had white-out on the monitor?

  19. Aurora900

    I’ve found non computer related items in CD drives… but never a floppy. One of the repairs I did for a client… this guys kid shoved a friday’s card into a CD drive.

    The strangest thing I ever found was at my current job. I was working on an commercial audio amplifier a customer returned that had a CD drive. I found 3 CDs inside the amp. Not in the CD drive. Inside the rest of the amp.

  20. Gualter

    Ah! I’ve a floppy drive with a small cd inside, in my dep IT.

  21. Brian

    I have clients that might do this…… (ask me how I know……) ;)

  22. Mandy

    I’ve had a cd shatter inside a drive. Scared the living crap out of me! Sounded like something from “does it blend”. Strangely though, the drive still worked after I dusted all the perspex shards out of the workings. :D

  23. Mike

    I remember a long time ago (when floppies were still commonly used), I had a Macintosh Performa, I went to stick in a floppy and noticed the drive was jammed, my mother told me that my brother (a toddler at the time) stuck coins and playing cards into the floppy drive, a couple days later, I catch him in the act, shoving even more playing cards into the drive, smiles at me, then goes back to putting in more cards, needless to say I picked him up and took him out of my room, ever since I tried to find ways to keep him away from my computers

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