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Multi-Purpose Laptop Power Cords [Funny Image]

Might as well put that heat to good use!

Heating Sandwich lvl: Student [9GAG]

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  • Published 03/16/12

Comments (8)

  1. Boter

    I used to have an HP NX9600 – this thing was a 10lb beast that was sold as a “Desktop Replacement Unit”; it was honestly meant to be a “portable computer”. The battery maybe gave an hour of use when it was new, and the brick stayed so hot – In the morning I’d get 2 cups of coffee and after lunch enjoy the still warm unburned second cup. Warmed all day long simply by sitting on the power brick. In the summer a glass filled with water would brew a lovely tea that I could ice and have with my lunch. That is of course until one day, I left the empty glass there for a few hours then poured in some water – which then thermoshocked the glass into shattering.

    Our IT got 5 replacements and they all ran about the same temperature.

  2. Kodess

    wow… thats a photo taken by one of my fellow IT-students at my school xD

    We do it all the time, to make the frikandellenbroodjes hot :D

  3. r

    looks delicious, I m sure all the additional germs & toxins must add to the taste.

  4. Little John

    Little unknown fact: The common desktop has 400 times of germs than your standard bathroom.

  5. Mandy

    LOL Was just thinking exactly what the comments said – I’d put some baking paper between them.. and now I’m off to buy said paper..

  6. owen123

    By chance is the computer you have next to it a samsung R510 :P

  7. Riddle

    Hey , why don’t you add a cup of coffee near the fan vents , then you can name it “totally make breakfast with your laptop” .

  8. Kanga

    haha you could probally do the same thing wi the underside of my brothers laptop. That thing melted the front of a laptop tray

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